Cronforce Reviews

Great piece of software compatible with small businesses

Positive Review by roomBLN
about Cronforce Sep 2015

Love these guys, always very helpful.

I have a small business and they are still responsive and help me with reporting when i need it.



Simple interface that is fairly intuitive

Positive Review by chartmaster
about Cronforce Sep 2015

Administration is not overly complex. Reporting functionality is good as well. Can integrate with other applications (Jira and Google Apps in our case).

Time off functionality used not to be as straight forward as the rest of the product. But not the case any more with the latest improvements.

This is a solid product that is meeting our needs, which currently are limited to time reporting on projects. It does allow for multiple project types and billing types, which creates some decent flexibility.


Awesome app

Positive Review by alnau
about Cronforce Jul 2015

Cronforce has great features and helps me keep track of my time, projects and budgets. Reports and invoices are easy to generate, flexible and easy to share with clients and management. It is an awesome app, that is easy and fast to use allowing me to focus on what really matters.I'd recommend this software to anyone looking for an awesome time and expense software.