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Buggy, built on deprecated software :(

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I spent a little over 2 hours building out a diagram, which I was blissfully unaware was not saving despite all indications to the contrary. I understand it is a freemium software, so I shouldn't expect much. However, I had actually paid for a subscription to their online service and a license for their desktop app. If they're going to take my money, then my minimum expectation is that it does the thing it says it does.

As for the desktop app, it cannot be installed on 64bit linux distros without absurd effort and research because it depends on software that is no longer supported by any of the main distros. You're not safe if you're on OSX either. I installed it on Yosemite and it completely fell over; couldn't load any diagrams.

I imagine most diagram services provide a better experience than this.

Totally agree. Spent 1,5 hour to create a diagramm. Then, created an account to store it. After that, impossible to get my 1,5 h work back. My diagramm was ... deleted, corrupted, i don't know... i don't recommend this app too.


Low Learning Curve, Powerful Productive Features

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A powerful tool to draw diagrams at a very affordable prices. If you ever tried diagramming with Visio you'll be surprised at the ease of use of Creately.
I love the fact that they provide an easy way to created and connect the next object. Makes diagramming fast and helps not to break the process. Lovely colors , hundreds of templates are few more things I love about the tool. I hope they include a Visio import to make it truly remarkable.