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  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom icon

    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom answers the digital photographer’s call for a workflow application that allows photographers to quickly work...

    Commercial Mac Windows Web / Cloud Android iPhone iPad

  • digiKam icon


    digiKam is an advanced digital photo management application for linux/KDE, which makes importing and organizing digital photos a...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux BSD KDE Qt

  • Shotwell icon


    Shotwell is an open source photo organizer designed for the GNOME desktop environment. Features Import photos from folders or...

    Open Source Linux

  • RawTherapee icon


    RawTherapee is a free RAW converter and digital photo processing software. All changes can be applied and batch processed at a...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • Photoscape icon


    Free, but very high quality photo editing software, that enables you to fix and enhance photos.

    Freemium Mac Windows

  • Darktable icon


    darktable is a virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographers: it manages your digital negatives in a database and lets you view...

    Open Source Mac Linux BSD

  • ACDSee icon


    ACDSee, ACDSee Pro and ACDSee Ultimate are image organizer, viewer, and RAW / image editor programs for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS...

    Commercial Mac Windows iPhone iPad

  • ExifTool icon


    ExifTool is a platform-independent Perl library plus a command-line application for reading, writing and editing meta information in a...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • Adobe Photoshop Elements icon

    Adobe Photoshop Elements

    Adobe Photoshop Elements combines power and simplicity so you can make ordinary photos extraordinary; tell engaging stories in...

    Commercial Mac Windows

  • Corel PaintShop Pro icon

    Corel PaintShop Pro

    PaintShop Pro is a photo editor with additional organizing capabilities, including keyword tags, auto sorting and facial recognition.

    Commercial Windows

  • Zoner Photo Studio icon

    Zoner Photo Studio

    Zoner Photo Studio is a feature-rich image viewer and image organizer software. It also features many editing functions including 16...

    Freemium Windows Android Android Tablet

  • photivo icon


    Photivo is a multi platform photo processor for RAW and bitmap images with 16 bit precision. Photivo tries to give the user as much...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux GIMP

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  • LightZone icon


    LightZone is a digital photo editor software application. Its main purpose is to handle the workflow when handling images in various...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • Hornil StylePix icon

    Hornil StylePix

    Hornil Stylepix, or simply StylePix, is a graphics editing program with a number of advanced features. StylePix is an acronym for...

    Freemium Windows

  • F-Spot icon

    F-Spot Discontinued

    Personal photo management application for the GNOME desktop environment. F-Spot is based on MONO F-Spot is a cross platform...

    Open Source Linux

  • Capture One icon

    Capture One

    Capture One 8 is a leading raw converter and workflow software which enables photographers to reduce the time and effort required to...

    Commercial Mac Windows

  • UFRaw icon


    UFRaw (which stands for Unidentified Flying Raw) is an application which can read and manipulate photographs in raw image formats, as...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux GIMP

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  • Daminion icon


    Server-based photo management software from Daminion Software. Single- and multi-user for small teams and creative professionals. ...

    Freemium Windows

  • FCorp Imaging icon

    FCorp Imaging

    Imaging is a Collection of Image Related Tools (Image Viewer, Image Converter, Image Resizer, Image Optimizer, etc). Features : 1....

    Commercial Windows

  • Sparkbox icon


    Sparkbox helps you to manage images for your design, unlike iPhoto , It is designed to look after...

    Commercial Mac iPhone

  • Rapid Photo Downloader icon

    Rapid Photo Downloader

    Import your photos and videos efficiently and reliably! Rapid Photo Downloader is written by a photographer for professional and...

    Open Source Linux

  • Corel PhotoImpact icon

    Corel PhotoImpact

    PhotoImpact is packed with fun photo projects, easy one-click photo fixes and new digital art tools that make your creative projects...

    Commercial Windows

  • CodedColor PhotoStudio icon

    CodedColor PhotoStudio

    CodedColor PhotoStudio by 1STEIN is a Windows photo viewer and editor to organize, edit, resize, reformat, correct, compare, sort...

    Freemium Windows

  • Capture NX-D icon

    Capture NX-D

    Capture NX-D is a non-destructive RAW image processing application for files from Nikon cameras.

    Free Mac Windows

  • Movavi Photo Editor icon

    Movavi Photo Editor

    Have fun with your pics like never before. With Movavi’s awesome picture editor, all you need is a set of photos and a dab of...

    Commercial Mac Windows

  • is a cloud-based service that enables photographers to work with no syncing hassles and storage issues. It stores everything...

    Free Web / Cloud

  • Silkypix icon


    SILKYPIX is a RAW converter software for digital images. The software provides color management engine which features ICC profiles and...

    Commercial Mac Windows

  • Galapix icon

    Galapix Discontinued

    Galapix is an image viewer that allows you to directly zoom into large collection of tens of thousand of images from tiny thumbnails...

    Open Source Mac Linux

  • ViewNX-i icon


    Nikon ViewNX-i software lets you browse still image and video files, edit still images via Capture NX-D or video files via...

    Free Mac Windows

  • jhead

    jhead is a Exif Jpeg header manipulation tool. Things jhead can extract from an Exif jpeg file Time and date picture was...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • PhotoPad Image Editor icon

    PhotoPad Image Editor

    PhotoPad image editing software is a free digital photo editor for Windows. - Easily edit family photos and other images - Load...

    Free Windows

  • BonAView icon

    BonAView Discontinued

    BonAView is the most innovative digital photo management software which have no analogs in his class. It provides an ultimate image...

    Free Windows

  • Digital Photo Professional icon

    Digital Photo Professional

    Canon's Digital Photo Professional (DPP) is a powerful, free software application designed for editing, organizing, and processing...

    Free Mac Windows

  • nama5 RAW processor icon

    nama5 RAW processor

    Small but clever RAW conversion software dedicated for growing community of non-professional photographers exploring the power of...

    Commercial Windows

Corel AfterShot Pro Comments

Shop issues 1 Helpful

Comment by Anamon
about Corel AfterShot Pro Sep 2016

While I'm very happy with the software itself, and would without a doubt recommend it, there are a couple questionable details about the purchasing process on the Corel website that I want to let you know about.

  1. Prices: The prices displayed on the Corel/AfterShot store pages are not definitive. They use a weird system that loads and displays prices dynamically, yet somehow they still manage to be wrong. My upgrade license for AfterShot Pro 3 was displayed as being CHF 45 in the Swiss store. When proceeding to checkout, the price had suddenly and inexplicably increased to 52.95.

  2. Shopping cart: If you're profiting from some special offer or discount, don't change anything about your shopping cart, or be careful if you have to. Even slight changes, which shouldn't make a difference for the validity of the offer, can make the discount disappear. When I was purchasing my license, there was a 15% discount, which suddenly disappeared after I had added and then removed again an additional product. I had to clear my shopping cart, log out of my Corel account, clear my browser's cache, and start over to have the price drop again. (Incidentally, 15% would also exactly match going from the 52.95 that I had to pay to the 45.- that was the initial offer – the price just increased even more when the discount issue happened – so I think this shop system is even more broken.)

  3. Download insurance: In short, don't fall for this. By default, your cart will also contain an item called "software download insurance" for $8, which claims to keep your software download accessible to you for 2 years instead of 30 days. This is an entirely pointless waste of money, because what you're buying is a license key to unlock the free trial version of the software. The downloads they're "insuring" are the exact same files that you can always download for free from a huge link on the very front page of the AfterShot Pro website. Yes, I downloaded them both, and they are identical. The service implies that it backs up files that would cost money to replace if they were lost. This is entirely untrue, the only thing you pay for is the license key, which you can always recover for free from your Corel account page, and which also gets e-mailed to you after purchase. To top if off, even if the "service" actually did concern some buyer-exclusive files that are worthy of protection, it borders on a scam to ask any money for it at all. The files they are distributing total at a whopping 233 MB – which they have to store anyway because it's the same files they serve to all new buyers. In summary, this item is a $8/2yr access to an additional mirror of a tiny set of files that you can always download for free without even owning a Corel account. I'm sorry that I've used so many words for this, but I still find the absurdity and audacity of it hard to grasp.