Copywhiz Reviews


Review by rajicotonoha
about Copywhiz 13 days ago

It's fantastic!!!


love this app

Review by eyobathafutur
about Copywhiz Jan 2017

first i was user of piky basket and i waz looking for it for long time until i know piky is renamed by copywhiz... i like this app very much it's light and relax your work problem


Copywhiz great app

Positive Review by mcguiverletamendi
about Copywhiz Nov 2016

This is an amazing app I using it in my work to improve my work task of copy multiple files to multiple computers it easy to use an intuitive to configure.Thanks for create this great app.


Reviews about CopyWhiz

Positive Review by jamescameron
about Copywhiz Sep 2016

Wow!!!! I didn't expect from this software, It's so good as well as the user Interaction with the software is much more easier and simple to use it.
The time taken to finish a huge file size copy is faster than others. I tried 20GB file coping it took 15 mins to complete it. When i did with my default it took 6hrs to get complete.I love this so much.

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Saving time tool for copying new and modified files

Positive Review by vidrio1767
about Copywhiz Aug 2016

Copying files efficiently from one drive to another, saving time not copying every file, but new and modified ones!


Incredibly helpful for managing backups of any projects or assignments you are working on! 2 Helpful

Positive Review by asweetoldman
about Copywhiz Aug 2016

I use an online collaboration service to work with classmates/teammates and as a backup. It saves versions of each file. However, this versions feature of the online collaboration service I use would be useless if I used the standard windows copying methods. It would overwrite my files whether they were new or not, and so it would be very difficult to keep track of changes.

Using copywhiz, not only do I not have to select all of the folders and files each time (it saves them and you can set them to be recurring if you want!), I can set it to only overwrite files that are old. This saves me bandwidth and makes the versions feature of my backups fully functional and an incredible lifesaver!

Thank you guys so much! I love this software!


Friendly and Useful App

Positive Review by christianearlmagpayo
about Copywhiz Jul 2016

This application for a simple copy, paste, and cut will never be boring as this app will totally gives you all the power and friendly useful key combinations which a normal keyboard's copy-&-paste and cut can't give. I see this app as very powerful and easy to use not only that it gives you the fastest copy it can be.


A Handy and Must Have Utility

Positive Review by farukkaraca
about Copywhiz Jun 2016

Copying with windows explorer really takes too much time and most of the time i dont want to use it.. I searched for a utility for my needs and finally found this lovely software.. I tried it and really loved it.. This will be a must have utility on my computer like HashTab utility on my computer that i have been using for years



Positive Review by Fatyz
about Copywhiz May 2016

Lo uso da diversi anni, ed è una delle utility che includo subito in ogni installazione. Eccezionale!!!!! Consigliatissimo! Da non perdere!!!!


CopyWhiz - Take Control of Ctrl+X,C,V

Positive Review by naveedpatel
about Copywhiz May 2016

There is much more to Copy, Paste and Move. Be happy with the minimum Ctrl+X,C,V or install CopyWhiz and take total control.


Must have utility 1 Helpful

Review by edmaster
about Copywhiz May 2016

For those who manage several files at different locations, this is a must!!!


Copywhiz 'The Great'

Positive Review by TechX
about Copywhiz Apr 2016

I've had a lot of different copy programs over the years and I have always gone back to Copywhiz. It can handle all of the copy necessities I have and does them all very well. It's an absolute must for anyone's utility program toolbox. It really is that great. :-)


Copywhiz, finally!

Positive Review by claudiom
about Copywhiz Mar 2016

Too much time to copy files with Windows Explorer, expecially those coming from different subfolders of the same folder; it's a long and hard way to go!
Copywhiz is the best answer I found; in a few minutes I've been able to extract from my book library all the titles, put them in a new folder, rename the duplicates and then cancel them from the source.
Simply what I was looking for in last years!!


Copywhiz is a whiz

Positive Review by stevehull
about Copywhiz Mar 2016

I have used a lot of other copy programs, but Copywhiz beats them hands down. It copies faster than any other programs that I have used before and offers a lot of different options as well. As far as I am concerned, I have found a keeper unless the Copywhiz creator creates something better which I don't think will happen in the near future.