Alternatives to CopyTrans Manager for all platforms with any license

  • Winamp icon


    Winamp is a media player for Windows and OS X developed by Justin Frankel and Dmitry Boldyrev by their company Nullsoft, which they later sold to AOL, who sold to Radionomy in January 2014. Since version 2 it has been sold as freemium...

    Freemium Mac Windows Android

    • It can transfer music from PC to iPhone and from iPhone to PC. Venom88 • Oct 2016 Disagree   Agree
  • iTunes icon


    iTunes is the best way to organize and enjoy the music, movies, and TV shows you already have — and shop for the ones you want to get. You can even tune in to free, on-demand music stations that have been totally revamped by our...

    Free Mac Windows iPhone iPad

  • i-FunBox icon


    i-FunBox, or iFunbox, is a tool to transfer, manage, browse and explore files on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch via USB. It download apps to iPhone and iPad, edit app sandboxes and add, remove or replace files. It can convert extracted...

    Free Mac Windows

  • aTunes icon


    aTunes is a full-featured audio player and manager, developed in Java programming language, so it can be executed on different platforms: Windows, Linux and Unix-like systems. A skinnable java alternative to iTunes (similar...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux

    • Discontinued last update: 22. June 2014
  • Wondershare MobileGo icon

    Wondershare MobileGo

    MobileGo is your one stop solution that lets you manage your entire mobile lifestyle in one convenient place. -- MEDIA -- * Browse, convert, import, export, add, remove and transfer music, pictures and video * transfer instantly...

    Freemium Windows Android

    • Warning Some users reported the program contains malwares and can break your system.
  • Eina icon


    Your music belongs to you Current music players are focused on managing your music collection, while using mandatory criteria about how they organize it. Eina does not care about it at all. If your are an organized person...

    Open Source Mac Linux

  • WALTR icon


    Drag-and-drop any media file to an iOS device (without iTunes) for native playback. No iTunes needed. No Jailbreak required. No converters. Just drag it & drop it!.

    Commercial Mac Windows iPhone iPad

  • Swinsian icon


    Swinsian is a simple music player dedicated to managing music, without the complexity of ebooks, apps, online stores, T.V. shows and movies, with support for formats such as FLAC and Ogg Vorbis, and a simpler interface that fits in...

    Commercial Mac

  • PhoneView icon


    Apple locks up the iPhone and iPod touch pretty tight, but PhoneView gives you back your data. Notes, SMS logs, your call history, disk storage, and more are now all accessible, thanks to PhoneView.

    Commercial Mac

  • SynciOS Manager icon

    SynciOS Manager

    Syncios smartphone manager is a cross-platform supported mobile and tablet manager tool, fully compatible with the two dominant smartphone operating systems – iOS and Android.

    Freemium Mac Windows

  • Floola icon


    Floola is a freeware application to efficiently manage your iPod or your Motorola mobile phone (any model supporting iTunes except iPhone and iPod touch). It's a standalone application that can be run directly from your iPod. ...

    Free Mac Windows Linux

    • Discontinued The program is no longer updated. Last version, 2012r1, can be still downloaded from the official website.
  • SharePod icon


    Add and remove music, videos, playlists and artwork on your iPod. Backup all those tracks you just cant lose onto your computer. Import them automatically into your iTunes library. SharePod can run straight from the iPod itself, so...

    Commercial Windows

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  • gtkpod icon


    gtkpod is a platform independent Graphical User Interface for Apple's iPod using GTK2. It supports the first to fifth Generation including the iPod mini, iPod Photo, iPod Shuffle, iPod nano, and iPod Video.

    Open Source Linux

    • Discontinued The official website no longer works. Last version, 2.1.5, released in June 2015, can be still downloaded from SourceForge.
  • Phone to PC (Phone to Mac) icon

    Phone to PC (Phone to Mac)

    [Phone to PC is a free part of iExplorer ] Phone to PC (formerly "Pod to PC") is iPad, iPod or iPhone transfer software that easily copies music, videos, playlists and photos from iPod to computer and into iTunes....

    Freemium Mac Windows

  • Appandora icon


    Appandora is an free and easy-to-use yet powerful iOS device manager, which is well-designed to manage contents including apps, photos, music, ringtone, videos, contacts, bookmarks, notes, SMS and eBooks between iPhone/iPod/iPad and...

    Free Windows

  • PodTrans icon


    PodTrans Pro is top-of-the-line iPod transfer software to copy iPod music to/from computer, backup and recover iPod to iTunes library, copy songs from iPod to iPod, the most trust-worthy tool to move iTunes library from iPod.

    Freemium Mac Windows

  • Daniusoft iTransfer icon

    Daniusoft iTransfer

    Daniusoft iTransfer for Mac is a handy tool for you to manage iPod/iPhone files on Mac without hassles. Backup your music, movies and photos from iPod/iPhone to Mac, transfer files from Mac to iPod/iPhone, and copy files from...

    Commercial Mac Windows

  • AmoyShare O2Tunes icon

    AmoyShare O2Tunes

    AmoyShare O2Tunes is an advanced manager and transfer tool, it is capable to quickly transfer audios, videos, podcasts, movies among iOS devices, iTunes, the computer. Also offer smart backup to copy the change to iTunes or iOS...

    Commercial Mac Windows

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  • Leawo iTransfer icon

    Leawo iTransfer

    Leawo iTransfer is a powerful combination of iPod transfer, iPhone transfer and iPad transfer, which can easily transfer media files from iPod/iPhone/iPad to computer without iTunes. Transfer among iOS devices/iTunes/PC ...

    Commercial Mac Windows

  • MusiMoods Playlist Creator icon

    MusiMoods Playlist Creator

    MusiMoods is a gorgeous and sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, mood and activity based playlist creator and music player for Macintosh. Simply add your music and select a mood.

    Commercial Mac

  • SYNCiTunes

    Do you have an iPod, but you don't like to use ITunes for managing your audio files? iTunes is the best software to syncronize your songs with iPod, but it's a poor solution to manage your songs. There are many better...

    Free Windows

  • Senuti icon


    Easy to use, Stylish, Award-Winning App. Works like iTunes, but it's everything in reverse.

    Commercial Mac

  • iShuffle icon


    iPod Shuffle without iTunes - iShuffle lets you easily update your iPod shuffle (1st or 2nd generation) without using iTunes or any complicated playlist manager. It makes using an iPod shuffle as simple as drag and drop file...

    Free Windows

  • iAny Manager

    Tenorshare iAny Manager is iOS Devices manager, helping you transfer music, photos, videos, contacts, messages, apps between iOS devices, PC, iTunes. It features other tools like backup and restore, etc.

    Commercial Windows

  • Fireebok iLike icon

    Fireebok iLike

    iLike is a tool that allows you to transfer files from your iOS device to your Mac as well as remove temporary files from your iPod, iPad or iPhone. iLike comes in handy to any user that needs to perform multiple transfer from an...

    Commercial Mac Windows

  • JeniuS icon


    JeniuS is an universal file organizer and is the main element in the JeniuS programs suite. It lets you organize your files and find them immediately when you need them. Files can be inserted into user-defined albums (i.e.: a music...

    Free Windows

  • iCopyBot iPod to Computer Transfer icon

    iCopyBot iPod to Computer Transfer

    iCopyBot iPod to Computer Transfer batch copy your ipod music, videos and photos back to your computer folder or iTunes library with just few clicks, include playlists, songs rating, comment, play count, volume adjustment and so on. ...

    Commercial Windows

  • XPlay icon


    XPlay expands what you can with any iPod, including the iPhone and iPod Touch, and a Windows computer. From copying music off your iPod to copying photos on, XPlay fills in the holes giving you more power to manage your music, photos...

    Commercial Windows

  • Hanso Player icon

    Hanso Player

    Hanso Player is a resourceful audio player created for the exigent music listeners accustomed to high-quality software and sound. At the core of the program lies an embedded SQL database engine (sqlite); the formats you are enabled to...

    Free Windows

  • Aiseesoft iPad Transfer icon

    Aiseesoft iPad Transfer

    Aiseesoft iPad Transfer can transfer iPad music, movie, pictures, TV shows, Podcast, iTunes U, eBooks, Camera Roll, voice memos, camera shot to computer or iTunes, and import files from PC to iPad. It allows you to transfer music...

    Commercial Mac Windows

  • AppTrans icon


    AppTrans (for PC and Mac) is fire-new iPhone iPad App Transfer made to transfer Apps among iPhone, iPad and iPod touch without iTunes and iCloud.

    Commercial Mac Windows

CopyTrans Manager Comments

Copy Trans Manager GREAT!

Positive Comment by kxcomp
about CopyTrans Manager Oct 2016

Copying MP3 files (along with album artwork) from my Win7 computer to Iphone 5 iOS 10- flawless. Need latest version though 1.114_DLC. Forget iTunes headaches. Uninstalling iTunes now on my PC.


Great prog

Positive Comment by bok4600
about CopyTrans Manager Apr 2016

i just bought an ipod 5th gen @ a yardsale, and CopyTrans Manager saved my ass, its not bloated like Itunes nor does it install extra garbage like itunes/apple does, also the interface is so much better than itunes


Outstanding tech support

Comment by Seth
about CopyTrans Manager May 2015

I'm very impressed by the support team for this free product. Other companies should take notice.

[Edited by Seth, May 18]


CopyTrans Manager

Positive Comment by mikelclark
about CopyTrans Manager Oct 2014

Very intuitive interface. Best feature is that you can copy media from any computer running CopyTrans unlike iTunes that limits you to a single computer. The download includes other programs for purchase, but you can ignore them and use CopyTrans Manager for free.


Gets what I want done

Positive Comment by impossible
about CopyTrans Manager Aug 2013

Isnt heavy like iTunes and transfers my music. I suggest checking out Mediamonkey as well.


copy trans manager

Positive Comment by altoalready
about CopyTrans Manager Apr 2012

For me this is so good I just had to make my comments known .
It is a no brainer if you just want to add , delete or tag any of your music files .
Easy to understand and work .
Just the one caveat ; I use the 0.971 version which I will not update as I do not like the newer
version(s) .


simple but effective

Positive Comment by malevolentsparkle
about CopyTrans Manager Jan 2012

If you have an older generation ipod then this is great. I don't see why you would use it if you had a newer iOS device though. If all you want to do is transfer songs to your iPod while avoiding the bloatware that is iTunes then this is a perfect programme. The company produces many programmes for iPods, etc, but only the 'copytrans manager' is free.


Broken links who can fix it?

Comment by Mary
about CopyTrans Manager Jul 2011

Hey, I just realized that the links are broken (except the one with WindSolutionsLCC). They re-direct to, which doesn't exist. The right one would be:


Currently the only application that works with iPhone 4 and ...

Comment by BobbyIII
about CopyTrans Manager Jun 2011

Currently the only application that works with iPhone 4 and iPad along with Mediamonkey as far as I know.


Its not free at all... wont pay this much for this softwar ...

Comment by Kidster
about CopyTrans Manager Jun 2011

Its not free at all... wont pay this much for this software.


Hi Foxhead!Not quite sure you commented the correct applica ...

Comment by Alicia
about CopyTrans Manager Jun 2011

Hi Foxhead!

Not quite sure you commented the correct application :-) CopyTrans Manager is completely free (unless I missed something!?).
You're probably looking at another app ... CopyTrans? because CopyTrans Manager does not take music off an iPod but transfers them to the iPod.



It says its free but it downloads everything and asks you t ...

Comment by foxhead
about CopyTrans Manager Jun 2011

It says its free but it downloads everything and asks you to pay. If they are offering a free product then let us try the free product and not force us into purchasing something that we may not want or like. It could be good but I just don't trust their approach so I deleted the lot.


I couldn't use my iPod nano with iTunes anymore (why?) and ...

Comment by Alicia
about CopyTrans Manager Jun 2011

I couldn't use my iPod nano with iTunes anymore (why?) and tried a few other alternatives with no success.
The help I received from the CopyTrans Manager team was crazy. My nano is playing my tunes perfectly again! Definitively recommended!