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Very powerful clipboard manager

Positive Review by dasebasto
about CopyQ Jan 2017

Great features and stability + excellent support from developer on GitHub.

There are many ways to customize the behavior of the tool (one of which is to set-up a synchronization of the clipboard using a Dropbox folder or similar cloud service)



Positive Review by SpaceOctopus
about CopyQ Apr 2015

I hope the developer never jumps off the stupid-bridge like everyone else, by changing it, especially the interface. It's perfect the way it is, and I find it an invaluable tool. This clipboard manager can do it all, free, and even better, it's open source. Simple enough of an interface for morons to use, or those who don't bother looking at options, but robust enough & full of options & tweaks for actual computer users.

You can either just let it sit there & store all your clips & call them back to your current one, or you can do a lot of cool other things like editing your clips, managing them into groups under tabs, setting up special clipboard shorthand stuff that allows you to quickly insert commonly used phrases or other things. Could be helpful to a developer of any variety, as you can store snippets of code, so that's pretty nifty.

Stores links, images, text and awesomely, it stores the formatting & style of text! That means if what you copied was on a black background, with a yellow font of the times new roman variety, in center justification, well by golly, that's just what you'll get! :)

Honestly, I came on here to see what else was available, just for my curiosity, because I'm on a computer right now without one, and I'm starting to realize that I probably shouldn't bother, since I already like this one so much.
It also conforms to MY options & doesn't use that freaking QT library for the GUI, which I think is the worst invention ever. I will never be ok with software which I cannot change the interface to, or at least have conform to my OS options. I realize things like QT allow for cross-compatibility across platforms, but the compromise is not worth it, by any means.

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A great clipboard manager

Positive Review by alistairgeorge
about CopyQ Sep 2014

Well I used to use Glippy but find CopyQ much more versatile. Its ability to have pages of notes is very useful but the search I found confusing as there was no help saying 'all you have to do is type on the main page'
Only features seem lacking is its search does not jump to highlighted item and it would be great to have a data sharing between computers eg dropbox sharing of copyq data.
However its versatility of having multiple tabs eg you can have a phone book on one, a clipboard on another and so on, and hotkeys that work in Ubuntu AND Windows 7 and you have IMHO the best clipboard utility thats available today for FREE.


Excellent clipboard manager

Review by rygwdn
about CopyQ Sep 2013

CopyQ is under active development, and gets better every day. It has all the features I expect in a clipboard manager (handles images, html, plain text, etc.). It also allows me to automate some workflows around my clipboard since I can run a script, etc. based on what I've copied. It has nice features like the ability not to store clipboard entries that are too short, or that are passwords, and the option to encrypt certain entries. It has lots of (configurable) keyboard shortcuts, and the option to use "vi-style" shortcuts in the CopyQ window. And on top of all that, it's cross-platform (Windows and Linux only I think), so for those of us who need to use both, we can keep the same clipboard manager!


Very Good

Positive Review by brhneser
about CopyQ Jul 2013

Great application, it does not lack any of the missing features of other clipboard managers on linux gtk based environments.

E.g. Parcellite and the others does not support images, but this app supports images too.
Another good feature is, adding shortcut key for popup menu on the other apps i have tried ( gnome/gtk based ones ) is problematic. I was not able to use ctrl+" as shortcut with parcellite or the others, since they did not have capturing key strokes feature. Writing it down manuall did not seem to be working either.

It is for sure that the app is looking different then the alternatives, though it does not take much time to get a hold of it and get used to all the nice features.