Good service, but..

Review by at_oussama
about and Dropbox Jun 2014

Well, i heard alot about Copy..and i singed up with them without a referal link (they offer good rewards so you'll see spam links everywhere, even on the Windows client do a good job at syncing my folder, and the RAM/CPU usage is quite the same as Dropbox.

The only thing that stopped me of using it was their web client, its design looks so horrible and can't do the basic things...

If you want to keep private files, stick with Dropbox...if you need more space, then is good too !


Great Online Storage solution

Positive Review by peterbrown
about Jun 2014

Really good simple setup and easy to use
Sign up for cloud storage and get 20GB FREE

Many thanks


Best cloud storage

Positive Review by Joshuaka
about Mar 2014

Best cloud storage, easy to use only upload speeds quite slow compare to other competitors


Start with 20GB! Great and Easy interface!

Positive Review by Matheus
about and MEGA, Google Drive, Dropbox Oct 2013

If you are looking for a cloud service that syncs all devices and have a good free storage copy is perfect and easy to use. Better than dropbox, google, etc.

You start with 15GB but if you use my referral link it gives extra 5GB for you and for me!


Thank you and I hope I helped you out!