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Services to be discontinued

Comment by guitarzan
about · Feb 2016

End of life announced:

We are announcing today that the Copy and CudaDrive services will be discontinued on May 1, 2016.

-- Barracuda Copy - Copy End-of-Life


copy is best dropbox alternative

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Seems like a good way to sync between everything.

Here's my referral link (plus 5 GB)

Thanks if you use it.


Glitchy and not available at times

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Glitchy and not available at times. Ridiculously slow download/upload speed.


Start out with 25 GB free.. not bad!

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Sign up with a .EDU account plus my referral link to start out with 25 GB for free:



same reviewer

Comment by thrynae
about · Nov 2013

If you take a close look at the referrer links, you will find out they are exactly the same.

Personally I become very, very skeptical when I find 8 comments of 1 user, pretending to be different people.

Which of course doesn't automatically makes the program itself suspect, just the user.


I Like It

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I previously used Dropbox, but there wasn't enough space for me. SugarSync is a good option, but again not so much space. Google Drive and Windows SkyDrive are good in my opinion. I use SkyDrive with storing all of my documents and such as a sort of backup. This is very convenient with Windows 8.1 since it is integrated nicely. However, being a Windows product, this doesn't really work for Linux. I only use Google Drive for collaboration, since this is probably the best option for real time document editing.

Then along came Copy. It's new, clean, and works on every system. (I have a Linux Mint partition, so I will be testing this claim out at some point). You can choose what files are online only, or synced between your computer and the cloud. And on top of all of that, I have 15GB to play with, which is either as much or more than all of the other cloud storage solutions. Others that are free and with more storage often have filesize limits, which severely limits my usage of them (some examples that come to mind are MediaFire and, which both don't really have a good desktop sync client either.) The prices to buy more storage are very fair as well.

If you want a bonus 5GB of space while signing up (20GB total), please use my referral link. I appreciate it very much:

Just remember to use the mobile app or install the desktop app (which is actually pretty good) for us to get our bonuses.



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Great program! I can see it quickly becoming more and more mainstream, especially with the huge promotion they're running!

One thing I really like about it is how it splits the load of file sharing between all users sharing the account. Not like it will be too useful for tiny files, but on with a large amount of files and data, I can see it being far better than services like dropbox in this regard. Plus, it gives out way more free storage! Please join under my ref, you'll start out with 20 GB of free storage!


is ok

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free 5 gb if you need click


Nice feature set & a large amount of storage

about and Google Drive, Dropbox ·

After a lot of checking around, copy seems like an up and coming top dog. It currently beats not only Dropbox on free/paid storage, but Google Drive as well(never thought I'd see that). All three have mobile and desktop apps it seems.

As for the specs, on 2013.07.25 they stacked up as follows:

Basic Free Storage:
Dropbox@2GB   Google@15GB   Copy@15GB

Additional storage per referral:

Storage from Referal Limits:
   Dropbox@18GB MAX
   Copy@No maximum that I can find in print??

And if you are looking for more storage with a paid account, the prices for personal per/mo are:

Dropbox - 100GB/$10 , 200GB/$20 , 500GB/$50

Google - 100GB/$5 , 200GB/$10 , 400GB/$20 , 1000GB/$50

Copy - 250GB/$10 , 500GB/$15 , 1000GB/$30

I went ahead and signed up for a free copy account from a referral link so I have 20GB(edit: referred a friend so now 25GB yay!) free so far(if you have a twitter account you can tweet about copy for another 2GB). You have to verify an email address and download the desktop application before they count you as a valid new customer and give you the extra free storage. With a quick review, the android app seems fairly smooth, and sharing is easy, but I can't comment beyond that.

Drag and drop file upload with Chrome worked with 50 files @ 15MB total(~7minutes), however 1000 files @ 15 mb total ate up 1.5 gigs of ram before crashing the tab(50/50 chance that is a chrome issue not the site as I had to close tab not just reload it to free the ram). On a second attempt of the 1000cnt@15MB/t upload, selecting half the files at a time kept the tabs ram usage under a gig and allowed the upload to finish. There seems to be no built in progress meter with multiple files, though I did get a notification popup for each file (times 1000, ugh), so there is some notification at least(tiny files uploaded ~ 1 file per second). One thing to note when dropping a folder, the files seemed to have all made it, but the subfolder structure was lost and they were all put in the top directory. In my test files, all were uniquely named so I am unsure how they handle this sub folder problem and duplicate file names(have yet to try again with firefox). With a single 50MB zip file the upload averaged 120KB/s (960Kb/s) up, much better than google, but still way below what my connection can handle(cpu and ram usage were minimal). Also, with the single file, I noticed a circular progress indicator at the bottom of the folder's list.

Hosting public shared, static html didn't seem to work for me(anybody know a trick?). But tried streaming mp3/m4a/flv and all streamed just fine without buffering(shared via public folder to different computer), though I haven't figured out how to do a playlist yet. One oddity to note, the folder was public shared with a few public shared files and a few secure shared(requiring login) files inside it. For the files shared so as to require login, trying to access them directly via their own shortcuts would trigger the requirement to login, but if the link to the shared parent folder was used then all files(even the secure shared files) were available without login. Just fyi, don't accidentally share a sensitive file. Peronally, I say don't trust anybody else with security on truly sensitive files, encrypt your files before uploading. I use Truecrypt( so my data is only ever decrypted to ram, and in the event of powerloss/reboot/etc the data on the drive is still encrypted and secure. You must decrypt files locally, so can't view them directly online, but then neither can anybody else.

The desktop app behaved pretty much like any of the others, most behavior unremarkable, ~70MB of ram, and no cpu usage to speak of under normal conditions. And, just like the google app, drop a whole lot of files in the folder at once and ram and cpu consumption spike way above what should be needed for such a task. Upload speed was the same ~120KBs range as with chrome(still faster than the 20KBs I've been getting with google), but the down speed was something to note with the 50MB zip file reaching 2.5 MEGABYTES per SECOND on the cloud to local sync(hopefully they don't throttle this later, but if such speed congests your connection you can set limits in preferences).

Something else I found very very interesting is that shortcuts to folders that are put in copy's sync folder behave as if you are actually storing the data in copy's folder. This means that you don't have to chose between having the files where you want them, and having them synced(or the always fun, multiple copies game), just create a shortcut of the folder you want to sync and drop it into copy's sync folder. Be aware that copy treats the shortcut linked folders as if they are really inside the copy folder, so if you put a shortcut to your music folder and then decide you need more space to upload something at a friends house, deleting that mp3 online will also delete the file from your music library folder at home and it doesn't go to the normal recycle bin (there is a recycling bin type recovery only in the desktop app, under preferences/manage files/undelete but I am unsure how long files stay there) so it is best to consider that once a linked file is deleted, it is for good unless you have a backup(which you should always have!!) Also, BE VERY CAREFUL with shortcuts if using the desktop app on more than one computer!! This is a newer service, and they already seem to have more things right than those who have been doing it for years, but there will be growing pains, and as a rule, always backup your data, never trust the copy on OR linked to the cloud to be your only copy; you WILL loose something eventually.

Overall, even though the service is pretty new, I must say I must color myself impressed when compared to the other offerings out there. I'll be leaving the app installed and am intrigued as to what they will come up with in the future.

And here is some shameless self promotion: If you found this overly long summary of my research/experience helpful & you wish to give me a little thank you when/if you try copy.... Then please use this link to sign up with, and we will both get an extra 5GB of free storage. ^o^

Happy Syncing,

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20GB - Better than Dropbox.

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Copy offers more free space + great Win/Mac/Linux! clients.
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