Copernic Desktop Search Reviews

Latest Version of Copernic Seems Buggy

Negative Review by carlguse
about Copernic Desktop Search Jun 2016

My earlier version was working great but since upgrading to the newer version of CDS, nothing seems to be working smoothly or missing emails and other data.

Am going to remove it and go with an alternative.


Too slow to index and too heavy for the system

Review by omaffud
about Copernic Desktop Search Jul 2014

This program takes forever to index and it uses a lot of memory of the system. When searching the results are nice.


Advantages of "Index Your Files" (IYF) over CDS

Negative Review by em4020
about Copernic Desktop Search and Index Your Files Jul 2012
  • Copernic Desktop Search (CDS) is free only for non-commercial home use.
    Commercial use requires the Professional or Corporate version.
  • IYF is completely free, also in commercial environment
  • IYF is portable, needs no admin rights on the local computer,
    CDS must be installed and cannot be used on computers in the job without admin rights
  • With IYF you can very quickly find files on remote servers, on which you have no admin rights,
    so it is ideal for quick searches on very big company networks with thousands of directories
  • Only "CDS Corporate" allows to find files, stored anywhere on the enterprise network.
    the free Copernic Desktop Search Home" allows only to search files on the PC's hard drive.
  • IYF creates indexes for only the directories you select
  • IYF has also a selectable option to search inside files as CDS can do
  • The portable "Index Your Files" version is lightweight and has only a size of 969 KB
  • Copernic Desktop Search Home needs 9.5 MB
  • CDS for Home Use is only available in only 4 languages: English, French, German, Spanish
  • IYF is available in the many languages: English, Spanish, Romanian, Italian, German, Portuguese,
    Russian, French, S/T Chinese, Bulgarian, Brazilian, Turkish, Czech, Dutch, Polish, Lithuanian and