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"Think of free as in free speech, not as in free beer." -1 Helpful

Positive Comment by igenn
about Conversations Sep 2016

On Google Play you MUST PAY for the software. (A way to support them if you wish to do so.)

The developer did not published the compiled APK (not even on his website) till 02.nov.2016 which can be now found on F-Droid so that means it is finally free&opensource.

Some Important missing features:

  • Automatically start OMEMO,OTR or PGP messaging
  • Require OMEMO,OTR or PGP messaging

Xmpp Texting displaces needlessly costly sms texting

Positive Comment by ohmyno
about Conversations Apr 2016

As Xmpp Texting replaces sms texting so does OMEMO replace OTR

Only lemmings continue to PAY FOR sms texting limiting themselves to a single device!