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    Gravatar (an abbreviation for globally recognized avatar) is a service for providing globally-unique avatars. ...

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    This is a port of ChameleonOS' contact identicons feature with some additional features and fixes. When enabled, new contacts will be assigned a unique identicon instead of the default picture. Features: Use identicons...

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  • Identicon

    Create an identicon with this free online tool. An identicon is an avatar created from hashed information.

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    Micopi allows you to assign a unique image to every person in your telephone's contact list. If you do not happen to have a (decent) photo of someone you know, you can use the app to simply generate one. Micopi does not use a...

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    Evatar stands for email-linked avatar. Your evatar is an identifying picture that can be used to represent you on any website. Developers can use Evatar to seamlessly integrate user pictures that are effortlessly customizable. ...

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0% effort, 100% satisfaction.

Positive Comment by tabakis
about Contact Identicons and, GitHub, Gravatar Jan 2014

I could never bring myself to the tedious task of manually adding contact photos in me Android smartphone .. This thing works like magic and generates identicons based on your contact's name.


P.S You might have seen identicons at work in Wordpress, Github ( ) and ofcourse Small Gravatar iconGravatar.