Connectify Hotspot Reviews

The best I found after extensive research!!

Positive Review by selvingonsalves
about Connectify Hotspot 6 days ago

It was best used when you dont have any device to share your existing wifi connection and trust me it really makes wonders..
It boasts a hell lot of features and no doubt good support too.



Positive Review by eleninersesova
about Connectify Hotspot 10 days ago

just saved me

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Pretty Recommended

Positive Review by katherinesamudio
about Connectify Hotspot Sep 2016

I am very happy with it. I bought it in a hurry because I need to share internet with my cellphone and searching in internet i found it. I think it is really cheaper and easy to use, the pro ver is very functional and anybody can use it! If you can, bought it.


Connectify: Best Alternative to creating a second network without a router

Positive Review by asianowl
about Connectify Hotspot Sep 2016

I've been using Connectify for almost 6 months and it's the best router alternative software I've used. The simplicity of the software can't be beat. While you can technically create your own hotspot using Win10 out of the box, Connectify takes this concept and turn it into an art form. For a small price, Connectify turns your laptop into a solid router with many refined features like customizing your SSID, IP Address, toggle internet sharing, etc.

In my case, I use Connectify to setup a separate second network for devices I don't want to blend with the general wireless network. Obviously, I can do this by setting a second router but not having a second device is a pleasure. You don't have to find an extra plug or an Ethernet cable.

There are other cheaper solutions out there, but Connectify design and user interface sets it apart.



Positive Review by avinashmudaliar
about Connectify Hotspot Sep 2016



Really Good program.

Positive Review by m0ns7er
about Connectify Hotspot Sep 2016

I love using this program. Its really handy <3 And the fact that you can share a Wi-Fi Connection when you're also connected to Wi-Fi makes it much more fun and cool.I recommend it .


Really Good

Positive Review by DanielM91
about Connectify Hotspot Aug 2016

Such great software i purchased the license several years ago and it has changed a lot over time the interface is much more modern and the hotspot itself is very reliable. i use it mostly for trips out when i need to use public wifi (such as starbucks, Mcdonalds etc) and it appears to support wireless AC standards too!

comparing this to other solutions Connectify is miles better.


Connectify Hotspot

Positive Review by gbryk
about Connectify Hotspot Aug 2016

My school only allows one device on its network per student and that is required to be our laptop. Connectify Hotspot has been a data-saver for me and all my friends and saves the complicated process of configuring my network adapter to broadcast through wifi.


La manera mas fácil de compartir WIFI (Spanish) 1 Helpful

Positive Review by PolygonBeast
about Connectify Hotspot Aug 2016


Fácil instalación
Con cada actualización es mas fácil y extremadamente estable
Las opciones que manejan son fáciles y Con muchas opciones para configurar
Muchas opciones de configuración
Muchas compatibilidad

No le eh encontrado ningún contra.

Es un buen HOTSPOT y de fácil acceso y uso, Valen cada centavo que cuesta y dan mas configuraciones y opciones que opciones gratis.


Easy installation
With each update it is easier and extremely stable
The options are easy to handle and with many options to configure
Many configuration options
many compatibility

eh I will not find any against.

It's a good HOTSPOT and easy to access and use, worth every penny it costs and give more configurations and options free options.


Great software

Positive Review by chrisigames
about Connectify Hotspot Aug 2016

I fully recommend this software to everyone who wants to use their PC as a hotspot.
I use this software now for over 2 years and I never experienced any problems with it.
It's fast, easy to set up and use and it doesn't use much system resources.


Best Sofware Internet Sharing 1 Helpful

Positive Review by hendradedi
about Connectify Hotspot Jul 2016

I get a lot of benefit after buy connecify sofware..
and more useful for sharing internet to my family, friends etc
So i recommed to my friends and family to buy connetify


best wifi shring from

Positive Review by My-Review-10
about Connectify Hotspot Jul 2016

five star for this application!!!!!! i use it everyday!!!!!!!!!!! Buy it now and save 75%!!!!


Just get the job done, I like it

Review by DJ_Ironic
about Connectify Hotspot Jul 2016

Connectify...not so much optimized piece of software, but i like it, it justs works as described, it is in sale very often....what can I se... it is my facourite software for sharting internet wth my second NTB and mobile phone when I am travelling.

Thanks for this work, Simon Cechacek (DJ_Ironic)


Connectify Hotspot 1 Helpful

Positive Review by TP2033
about Connectify Hotspot Jul 2016

This software is absolutely a MUST to bring with you on holiday or any other place.
How often a resort/rental home owner/hotel promises you internet but.. Yeah low signal or expensive internet for only 1 device! . I got myself one of this large USB antenna dongles to pick up signal with a laptop. And then we need Connectivity Hotspot 2016 (pro) to extend that network. Now you can use multiple devices and also family/friends devices. Its great now the whole holiday home has WiFi and wife and kids/ happy too!
Well worth the money!