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Best Hotspot Software Around

Positive Review by haris_cfy
about Connectify Hotspot Yesterday

- It allows me to share my 4G data card connection via wifi or ethernet cable, that I can't do it with windows 10 alone.
- Very easy to setup
- Stable
- Very fast
- Adblock feature

- nothing so far

I'd been trying to find a router software for my laptop but there's none that can work as I expected, until i found Connectify. This software works really well. The internet speed that it shared are aqueal with the source. The software is also very stable that when my connection drop it still sharing the connection until it's up again. And it also have the adblock feature that help me from annoying ads.


The best software WIFI-router that I have used.

Positive Review by fjfrevil
about Connectify Hotspot 15 days ago

Easy to used.
Easy to setup.
Less hassle because the support is always available.
On-the-spot Wifi-repeater.
Compatible to any wireless adapter.

I found nothing wrong. It has served me for years already. Since The Connectify 2015 version.

I have been using this since the Connectify 2015 version. It has help me during in my work and at home. Easy to setup. I could connect my Android, iOS, my laptop... Unlimited connections....


Best Hotspot Sharing in the Market! 1 Helpful

Positive Review by HafizNoor
about Connectify Hotspot Apr 2017

It saved me a lot of trouble since I have unlimited mobile data on my phone. I need to connect my tablet to the internet and Conectify solved it. It can:

  • share internet connection on a mobile phone
  • easy to setup
  • act as a repeater to extend your wifi coverage
  • lifetime update (depend on license)
  • included Ad-Blocker to block those annoying ads and save your data

One of the best buy ever. No regrets. Doesn't cost a lot but pack with features. Recommended to anyone who need to share your internet mobile.


Awesome And the best...

Positive Review by raumyasarkar
about Connectify Hotspot Apr 2017

I did pay for the app because it does its job so perfect. i loved it and as a computer application it is pretty cheap. and its better than any other hotspot creator in the market right now. loved the application. also the ad free feature is really good.


Amazing software !

Positive Review by ipponakias
about Connectify Hotspot Mar 2017

It helped me a lot when i had low wifi signal or bad internet connection !!! Thanks very much for this product !


Best host spot ever 1 Helpful

Positive Review by speedlight
about Connectify Hotspot Feb 2017

Fast, simple, reliable, and very user-firendly.
After trying many different things to create hot-spot and extend my WIFI signal, I finally adopted this one, and so far it's the best software you can find if you need hot-spot or extend your existing WIFI signal.
The free version is good, but if you really want to benefit all the functions it can offer, the paid version really worth the price.


connectify hotspot expert!

Positive Review by indrajeetprasad
about Connectify Hotspot Feb 2017

I have tried many hotspot and there may be many others but I think this software(connectify) is the expert one.There were many problems in using free versions of other hotspot.I purchased an external wifi reciever, none of the software were able to create hotspot in my laptop,its not like that i didn't tried but i always fail.
And then i found connectify,which created the hospot quick easily in few clicks.


my comment

Positive Review by damjancizelj
about Connectify Hotspot Feb 2017

i was looking for solution for may problem. i have a pc with wifi and lan connection. i dont hav wired connection to this room. i had this pc and tv and apple tv whic had only wired option to connect. i got max version of connectify and with bridge option i managed to extend ma network to this two devices. works great

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Connectify Solves My Problem

Positive Review by rossedgin
about Connectify Hotspot Feb 2017

My office has bad wifi. The signal is strong, but something in the security settings managed by our IT group causes my devices to invalidate the certificate. I lose connection and cannot authenticate again for an indeterminate amount of time. This happens intermittently. I use mobile devices extensively to get my work done. I cannot connect a router to my office Ethernet for security reasons. Connectify ( completely solves this.

I installed it on my computer and shared the Ethernet connection out as a secure wifi hotspot with a range that covers about a 30 foot radius around my office. It works really well. I have a personal network that my devices connect to automatically. It's fast and stable.

There are two slight shortcomings.

My laptop automatically connects to the office wifi. This connection interferes with Connectify's ability to access the internet. I don't know the root cause of this, but it's easily rectified by disconnecting from the office wifi and restarting the Connectify hotspot. The issue only happens when I reboot my computer.

Also, I cannot hide the SSID. I would like to be able to take my little network out of the listof available connections so that it does not clutter the list for others. I don't need to broadcast the SSID. I know what it is. This is minor, since it's secure. No one can connect, but it would be nice to be able to hide the SSID.

There is nothing that solves this problem like Connectify. I have looked at even Virtual Router, which is free. It's not stable and isn't being actively developed. I got rid of it and happily paid for a lifetime license to Connectify. I hightly recommend it.


Connectify Hotspot 2016 MAX

Positive Review by yannickdevos
about Connectify Hotspot Dec 2016

First of all, it hasen't stolen his name by 'MAX'

The program is very usefull to share some internet to your tablet, phone, car,... when you only get a wired connection or you have to 'extend' the existing WiFi signal because on the spot you need it is no strong signal (anymore). In the heat of the moment it already saved me a lot of times from just putting op some fysical (mini) routers and WiFi-bridges when I just need some internet for a short time.


Connectify Hotspot

Positive Review by atinarvindo
about Connectify Hotspot Dec 2016

Connectify is the best internet sharing application I ever used (tried a lot) and found that connectify does what i need, its easy, thats why I've decided to buy 3x pro licenses, and I don't regret it, I can control the traffic, its really like a router that you can control who gets to do what, get internet or just for file sharing.
Never had a problem with it.


Connectify-me is a good hotspot which user can make more hotspot

Positive Review by pamelastone
about Connectify Hotspot Dec 2016

Hi connectify-me is a good hotspot which user can make more hotspot. I use Connectify Hotspot on my home computer. I start using for share 3G modem. I have tried loads of applications to share my fixed internet connection to mobile devices while being on the move. It's working great with my wifi dongle and has many handy features like file fling, wifi repeater or even wired router if I want to share a wireless network with Ethernet devices.


Connectify Hotspot 2016

Positive Review by ianfackender
about Connectify Hotspot Nov 2016

I use Connectify Hotspot on my home computer. There is already a Wifi connection in the premises I live in but it can sometimes cause drop outs of the wifi connection. I have my computer connected to the router via a network cable and run connectify to create another hotspot that is more stable than the wirless connection that is on the wireless router. Then I connect my iPad and phone and sometimes my xbox to the connectify hotspot. And find it is a more reliable connection.


Working with Connectify from the first versions, and playing too. 1 Helpful

Positive Review by blavkm
about Connectify Hotspot Nov 2016

I started with a free version then i bought a Pro license (x3). I start using for share 3G modem. Then i used as a router for play with my friends Age Of Empires III. i used for work. With Wireshark for analysis and capture. As a bridge to expand my networks. And for enhance security too. I used from Windows 7 to 10. On laptop and the new tablets with Windows. I have to say, i have blow up this Software, more over than the price i pay.