ConEmu Reviews

9/10, probably the best thing that happened to Windows CLI

Positive Review by Atoshi
about ConEmu Feb 2017

This overlay makes the Windows console actually bearable and useful, not mentioning the eye-candiness. ANSI, tabs, custom environment variables, autocomplete, logging, and tons of other features, absolute must-have for any more advanced Windows user, or for anyone who uses many CLI programs on daily basis. Briliant piece of software.


Excellent software

Review by stevenrossiter
about ConEmu Dec 2016

It "just works". The automatic in-app updating is supremely well implemented and frustration free.

Highly recommenced!


Software excellence

Positive Review by liqube
about ConEmu Nov 2016

Once you start using ConEmu with FAR2/FAR3 for complex development tasks or just simple file management on recent Windows versions there is absolutely no going back, nor is there even the thought of going back. Cannot live without this anymore and been closely following it for a (very) long time now. Fifteen thumbs up for this beautiful software gem that makes everyday work so much more powerful and enjoyable.


Zero learning queue but wonderful

Positive Review by DzmitryLahoda
about ConEmu Aug 2015

Install Far. Install ConEmu. Open ConEmu. Press CTRL+O, WIN+W. Click right mouse button there and there. Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. Look to right top corner menu. Cool. Can do several consoles into one window.



Positive Review by AdamCaviness
about ConEmu Jun 2015

As both a developer and a power user, it just rocks. I could not ask for more. It does everything I need so well. Thank you!


Best console emulator by far

Positive Review by bananachicken
about ConEmu Apr 2014

Steep learning curve but it is the ultimate console emulator with vast range of capabilities when used in my case for Linux and Rails development on a windows machine.

Tabbed and split console windows, "clink" read ahead buffers offering linux style tab file and folder expansion(huge time saver), ANSI color schemes on a Console window, without needing Ansicon!! Superior console font selection with cleartype so you can go small and clear. I can run git bash, rspec and pry with color, as well as vim, putty and normal cmd.exe running in a well managed space, Conemu also offers potential to hold other GUI apps like Sublime text and the potential to offer terminal windows within other apps so you can have the benefits of a superior terminal console. Can also be run with Take Command (another superior windows console) or even Powershell. Good thing is that it is actively developed with releases every week or so