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Comodo Dragon Internet Browser is not secure: disseschromodo/

after reading this article, it is kinda irony that comodo dragon should be offering greater level of privacy than google chrome is but in the end they are the one who violate the privacy itself too

If you've got Comodo's browser installed on your machine, get rid of it !

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Comodo Dragon vs Chromodo

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After testing Dragon for a while, I realize why Comodo keeps Chromodo at the same time. Dragon might be a later version, but I had quite some bugs, including one that would make my screen go crazy and make me unable see what it shows. Thankfully I have a dual screen setup, so I could restart the pc from the other side. Closing Dragon 50% of the time made the screen return to normal. I am not saying that it is broken because of something liek that, but it definitely is buggy. Chromodo is now installed and works just fine.
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I just thought I would throw this here. It is not something that important, but Comodo Dragon seems to be always higher version than Chromodo. I kept wondering why they are keeping both of them and I thought since Chromodo comes with Comodo Interest Security, it will be the latest version. It seems I was wrong though.

If anything I prefer Dragon, not only because its a closer version to the latest Chrome release, but also because CCleaner sees it as Chrome. With Chromodo, the cache files would go up to huge size and CCleaner would not see it to clean the files, ending up at a point wit ha 8GB cache folder. Minor in a way, but just another reason for me to choose Dragon.


Good Browser

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One of the best Chromium browsers. Fast and secure. A great alternative to Google Chrome.