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broke cut copy and paste

Negative Review by joseolivas
about Clover 14 days ago

I used this for quite a while on windows 7 and it worked good. Until one day I couldn't paste files anymore. I had the option to cut and copy, but the paste option was greyed out. This is a big issue since I record TV using Windows Media Center. I move these files sometimes, but without the Paste function I couldn't move them not Even to USB drive.

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[Edited by joseolivas, June 11]


No Pin Tab & Remember Tabs When Re-open?

Review by WildcatMidnight
about Clover Dec 2016

The " Newest ( _ 02.12.16 ) " : Doesn't Have " Pin Tab " & " Remember Tabs When Re-open " _ Function ? ( Down & Sad )


Works fine now!

Positive Review by EvinKegger
about Clover Jan 2016

Great, fave extension software ever!

To resolve issues on Windows 8/8.1/Blue[ copy-paste from reddit, comment by ]:

In Explorer window go to View -> Options;
In opened Folder Options window go to View tab, scroll down to "Launch folder windows in a separate process" and make sure it's UNCHECKED.

Additionally right click exe and disable DPI scaling if the above doesn't solve it all.

That' it- clover should be running and kicking again!

Good Luck!


Inoperable on Windows 10

Review by orestesgaolin
about Clover and QTTabBar Aug 2015

On Windows 8.1 worked pretty well with some minor bugs, but on Windows 10 it's much worse. There are random crashes and lags during copying or entering the folders. Much better choice is QTTabBar that works flawlessly.


Works well and is easy to use, but does not support DPI scaling 1 Helpful

Review by wolfcry0
about Clover Mar 2014

I tried clover on my surface pro, while it works fine it does not support DPI scaling so the explorer window looks very fuzzy and is hard to read


Good Stuff

Positive Review by GregariousJB
about Clover and QTTabBar Oct 2013

I used QTTabBar for over a year before finding out about Clover. While Clover lacks the features of QTTabBar, its simplicity and ease of use won me over.

The middle-mouse-button opens a folder into a new tab, and using the same button on an open tab closes it, similar to modern web browsers these days like Firefox and Chrome.

It also includes a Bookmarks Bar at the top for click+dragging folders into it and storing them for quick access, although I don't need this feature since I use Windows 7's left sidebar to store favorites.

It has crashed a few times after my computer wakes up from Sleep/Hibernation, but only twice, so it's not a significant issue. I still love the program and I intend to stick with it for as long as it lasts.