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Good tool to collect files from a bunch of people

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I have used cloudwok to collect a number of large files from my clients. Had a few small problems in the beginning, but their customer service is really quick and excellent, so we could sort everything out. Great service, I definitely recommend it and am a happy user.

Hi VjomboSir, so does CloudWork still work? Because it's not possible to register on their website any more - there is just no Sign up button. Do they register now only via personal invitation or something like that, or am I missing something?

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@o_Annenko Maybe you confuse our service with cloudwork? Our signup/signin page at is up and running :)

@markusklems Oh gosh, I'm blind:-) I totally overlooked the absence of "R" in your name:-)) so, cloudwok, ha? funny name, I like it:)

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