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I was looking for alternate cloud/hosting for all ...

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A game changer

I was looking for alternate cloud/hosting for all my projects almost 2 year ago,and I settled with cloudways, and I've got everything I would hope for, selections of cloud/clean simple interface/git deployment/cron/superb user management and best of all, I can turn on/off my app with a flick. now that's a game changer!

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We currently use Cloudways for our WordPress and WooCommerce sites. We also use a mix of in-house infrastructure, dedicated hosting and other cloud hosting.

If you're looking for scalable hosting but don't have experts knowledge on AWS or server setup and maintenance, Coudways is a great solution.

Our client stipulated we should use AWS but we had no experience setting up and managing EC2, S3 etc. etc. Cloudways gets you going with a few clicks. It really is simple. Which meant we could please our customer with no risk and within the tight timescales they had set us.

Be aware that you can't install extra Linux packages, and you don't have the low level control you might get with dedicated hosting or VPS but the Cloudways control panels let you tweak a great deal of settings.

Connecting to your MySQL server requires using an SSH tunnel, which I've not yet got working, but that's down to time and my own IT infrastructure and not Cloudways.

You also lack a controllable firewall, so if you need to do things like IP blocking, that has to happen in your .htaccess.

Support it excellent. Theirs a vast knowledge base that generally answers my questions. When that isn't enough I fire up their live chat and get through to a support engineer in seconds. We have a dedicated contact assigned to us and we generally deal with him or one other guy. So they get to know a little about what you're doing.

Pricing seems reasonable. Cheaper than my previous cloud hosting.

So for PHP and Wordpress hosting, Cloudways would get my recommendation.