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Unexpected features

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A really interesting program with a lot of features. There are all traditional functions of employee monitoring software, like correspondence monitoring, screenshots, and Internet monitoring, but also it has a great feature of recording webcam. It is just like a free video surveillance system included in the already free package. On two computers I turned off everything else and use them only for video - I can watch live stream from connected webcams or make recordings. Other 2 computers are set to monitor Internet, like websites, searches and everything else, like website visits and messaging. I think the program is great if you need to check employees for loyalty and honesty, without spending money.


Cool software for free

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Needed a program for 2 computers in my office. I often work from home nowadays so I needed something like this program badly. Now I can see what all staff do on the computers. Also I blocked Facebook with it, so no distractions anymore. I really got to know the work process of each employee.
I turned on webcam recordings on two computers as well so I can see the customers who walk up to the front desk - really convenient. At least now I no longer worry about security and information leaks. And all of it for free. Can’t complaint here.


This is really great software

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First came by CleverControl quite a while ago and started to use it to monitor my newly hired employees to make sure they didn’t use my corporate data and resources inappropriately. USB and printer control came in very handy for that. But the program basically records everything done on the PC, so I caught a couple of slackers with it as well. Recently we got a new office, so security became an important issue, and then I remembered that there is web-camera recordings feature in CleverControl. So I got a few simple web-cameras, connected them to the PCs, customized the settings, and got myself a basic surveillance system. And all of that without additional expenses.
Definitely going to keep using the program. Hope the developer keeps up the good work.