Clementine Reviews


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I like Clementine because it has a great interface with which you easily get along with :)
Although i only use it for the mp3s stocked on my computer, you can pair it with Soundcloud, Spotify and such other online music services, podcast websites or even online storage websites such as Dropbox and Google Drive. It's great for creating playlists that mixes music from artists only available to you on specific platforms!

One button i use very often since i installed Clementine is the "Stop playing after this track" button. You can also queue tracks so that, within a playlist, you can create your little temporary playlist for this particular session. It's great.
Talking of playlists, it does a great job at letting you create any playlist you want, name it, export it, import it. Anf if you're too lazy to create your own, the music player has dynamic ones already created for you.

It also satisfies my collector's desperate need for tags and classification in my music librairy, as this music player allows you to quickly order your collection by any information available. It even has a tag editor integrated, which is quite simple to use.

On top of that, Clementine offers many other tools you might need the use at some point such as, trippy track visualizations, rain sounds, imported lyrics, author, album and track imported descriptions and an equalizer.

So yeah, i think it's a great software :)


Audio skips

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Clementine has a nice interface, but it can't play music without skipping, so what's the point? I'll stick with ugly foobar2000 until they fix the skips.

I use VLC, it works for video and audio as well.