Classic Shell Reviews


Positive Review by Satuim
about Classic Shell Aug 2013

The Start Menu module: Even Better then any start menu ever, More options that make you want to upgrade from XP, Skins, where everything is etc.

The Windows Explorer module: I found this A bit useless and it is the lesser developed part of CS. I hate the old copy and paste UI. It gave me less options (e.g rename in to "x(2)) And the menu bar really wasn't needed. But give it time

Classic IE9 module: I don't use IE so I can't say :)


Makes Windows 8 worth the upgrade

Positive Review by dantsatsan
about Classic Shell Jan 2013

Before I learned about Classic Shell, I had no intentions of upgrading to Windows 8. With this utility I get the start menus that I'm familiar with. I have the choice of what Start button to choose, plus many other options. I'm currently using the Metro button to distiguish it from Windows 7. With Classic Shell I start directly to the Desktop (optional), skipping the Metro interface. I am very pleased to have found this utility.

I added an image of what the menu looks like on Windows 8:

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Great app for win8

Positive Review by lebaux
about Classic Shell Jan 2013

In the case your office staff (secretaries, salesman etc.) is not enthusiastic about changes in win8 this is the way to go when transiting from any previous windows system. It is free, so it is ideal for company use - however i really call for donating at least a hundred dollars if you install it on more then 10 computers in your office... or you know, some adequate sum of money. It saves you lot of hassle, time and in the end money - learning some older employee how to use windows8 is painful.

And no, I am not in any way affiliated with developer.


classic.... literally

Positive Review by R0tten
about Classic Shell Aug 2011

works very well, i just hope more updates come soon! a lot of features i miss in xp are integrated.