Chromium Reviews


Positive Review by thanosapostolou
about Chromium 11 days ago

I am using ubuntu 64bit (on my desktop) and 32bit (on my old laptop) and chromium works perfectly. With the package adobe-flashplugin flash works even at my 32bit system (really important since google stopped 32bit builds). It comes with chromium pdf reader plugin enabled by default (at least on ubuntu, I'm not sure about other distros). There is also the package chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra on Ubuntu for restricted codecs support (I'm guessing something similar will exist on other distros), so you have all the functionality that chrome has with the benefits of being an opensource project!!!



Review by mohammadghasemi
about Chromium Jul 2015

Although it's fast at the beginning, it gets slow after a while.


I like it better...

Positive Review by nohtml
about Chromium Oct 2014

I personally like Chromium a bit more than I do Google Chrome or any of the other ones based off the Chromium source code, and since it doesn't come with all the propriety software Google loads into Chrome, it allows me to customise what I use to replace it, or if I need it at all.


it was never as good as Google Chrome

Negative Review by PlatinSurfer90
about Chromium Aug 2012

because the updates come very late, yet it seems that they stopped it completely.

The latest version of Chromium you can download is 18.0.1025.168~r134367 which is offered on Ubuntu 12.04 Software-Center; at the moment Chrome 21.0.1180.57 is up-to-date