Chrome Remote Desktop Reviews

Comment by ciborahighness
about Chrome Remote Desktop · Apr 2017 ·

it helps me to meet my client from far away


Little functionality

about Chrome Remote Desktop · · 1 Helpful

Not as good as TeamViewer. Lower CPU usage on aged PC, but that's all. Requires Google Accounts, so can only be used privately, slower than Team Viewer, no file transfer, chat, higher quality settings for good PCs with fast networks, quite long installation, annoying long bar all over the screen, no password protection etc etc. No wonder they going to kill it.


Short review

about Chrome Remote Desktop and TeamViewer · ·

Just finished a short test session with a friend of mine (mac and windows clients) and it worked like a dream. Smooth scrolling and easier than Teamviewer. Only downside is that it's a hefty 19mb download, not your average google chrome app size.