CherryTree Reviews

Good open source alternative to OneNote or Evernote for Linux as well as Windows

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While looking for an alternative to OneNote for something to work on Linux as well as Windows I have tried a large number of notetaking applications and CherryTree provided the best fit for me. You might want to take a little time to think through how you want to use tags and to create terms for use in its search function - but once you do it is very flexible and powerful.

One thing that is important to me and that is not supported in OneNote but is supported in CherryTree is support for relative file paths. One the other hand CherryTree's drag and drop capability is much more limited in comparison to OneNote's - you are left to use copy and paste to take content and sometimes links into Cherrytree.

Of course Cherrytree does not have a cloud and mobile version but OneNote does - albeit one that is much more limited in its functionality.