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Celtx - Bait and Switch

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Ah Celtx, what can I say about Celtx?

Classic Bait and Switch that's what I'll say. They offered comprehensive Open Sourced software, seducing loads of people off of Final Draft and further seducing them to pay for their free software to get a few knobs on and then... remove all downloadable installable versions of the Software you were using just so that you could use their 'Free' cloud service. 'Free' as in, use the 'Free' version which doesn't even touch half the stuff you could do on the free installable version, or pay to get the features back that you could use for free with their installable version.

Classic Bait and Switch... Do not touch with a bargepole


The only problem with Celtx (and it's a big one)

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So I decided to pay $10 for the "full" version of Celtx with the novel capabilities. I was under the impression that by buying I would be getting rid of the ads. Nope. They need to make this more clear because I would never have bought a software where I'm constantly getting fed ads. I even tried editing the source code to eliminate the ads, to no avail. I think they hide it (quite reasonably). The devs say they "can't" remove the ads. Please. It would be easy for them.

Celtx could easily be a very popular software with just a few things:

  1. Increase the novel functionality to be on par with that in Scrivener. Celtx's character templates are WAY better than Scrivener's and there are other things I liked more in Celtx (can't remember them now).


  3. Charge $15 for this new version.

I guarantee they'd increase their base exponentially by doing these things.