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This program is a useless placebo for non-technical users...


How are there not more positive reviews here? CCleaner saves the world (from spammy files)

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What would we do without it?
Ok the updates popup us kind of annoying...
But otherwise it's pure gold :)
Cleans your system like no other
And the uninstaller option is also very helpful, much lighter than Windows's

Love it


Overall Quite Good

by MeganT
about CCleaner · Apr 2016 · 1 Helpful

I've had my issues with CCleaner. Generally speaking it does its job but it's not the all-in-one disk cleaning solution some tout it to be. I've often found that it is very 'surface level' in that it cleans many different parts of your computer but many underline portions are still left intact. Still, if you want a quick and easy solution for these things then it's a good option; just be aware it's not going to clean everything.