CatLight Reviews

Lower quality than the other opensource alternatives

Negative Review by ssbarnea
about CatLight Nov 2016

I was really disappointed by CatLight v1 and v2 as I discovered it that it does have zero advantages over the older solutions that are also open source. It did crash many times, the UI is not responsive and it doesn't even have a menu to quit the app or to change its startup preference. If you have a Jenkins instance with less than 10-15 jobs it may work for you for for all the other cases it will fail.
I don't mind that is commercial but at current quality it should be free for at least two more years before starting to charge for something, is like paying for the privilege to test a proof of concept.
For the moment I will stay with CCMenu.


Didn't work with Jenkins

Negative Review by vlaker
about CatLight and Jenkins Aug 2016

I gave it my username and token to check build status from Jenkins, but it gave an error and didn't add the Jenkins server.

[Edited by vlaker, August 17]