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Jing was yesterday, now it's time for Capto

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I used Jing for years now, a small application to record Videos and Images and share them via the cloud service from Tech-Smith.
The upload-speed of it wasn't so great, but improved the last month a little bit. Jing itself has basic tools to edit images, add arrows and text on them or recording small videos. But sadly videos just only as Flash file.

But then I needed something more professional and looked around. I found quickly out, that TechSmith dicontinued Jing, because they focusing more on there paid-solution, SnagIt now.

I tried SnagIt, tested some other recording against it. And that was how I found Capto then.
Don't understand me wrong, SnagIt offers much functions and tools.
But the price for it wasn't so inviting for me, and if I don't found a alternative solution I would had bought it.

But then I found something similar: Capto.

When I found this software it was the last item suggested here in comparsion to Camtasia, Jing or SnagIt.
When you then click on thuch an suggestion you think: "This can't be something good.".

And then... bam... how wrong you can be. I never thought that this can be just a new software, which just be added to this list here.

Capto does what SnagIt does, only just a little bit better on some edges and adds some more possibilites like:

  • Editing Videos.
  • Add Shapes, Text, Speak-Bubbles, Arrows to Videos, too. ( SnagIt wants that you buy Camtasia for such a feature)
  • Share Images and Videos via Cloud-Services (like Dropbox, Google Drive) or Social Networks.
  • Easy to use, I don't really needed a manual or something like that.
  • Small Price if you get this appliction via developers webpage.

TIPP: it is a good idea to use die trial version for some days, you don't regret it.

I use Capto now for some days and have to say, I really impressed and so glad that I found it here.
If I don't had found this, I had bought SnagIt. So SnagIt isn't bad, but for Mac I like Capto now more.

So Capto fitting my needs just a little bit more.

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* Added Jing and SnagIt and correct some phrases.