CamStudio Reviews

I Don't Recommend It

Negative Review by purrloin
about CamStudio Apr 2016

It does have malware.


Total POS

Negative Review by flowerstarcat
about CamStudio Feb 2016

Crash all the time, must re-set settings each and every time it crashes. Software needs an update bad. total POS software. Avoid at all costs.



Review by Atoshi
about CamStudio and Fraps Dec 2015

I gave this program a like, but let me clarify something. CamStudio USED to be very good tool. I don't know what happened exactly, but seems like author went hungry for money and bundled release versions with some awful shit that is certainly a malware. I have old, clean build, which is version from early 2012 if i remember correctly. So, i repeat once more - IF ANYONE DECIDES TO USE THIS, COMPILE IT FROM SOURCES YOURSELF, OR LOOK FOR OLDER BUILDS.

Also, since it's a review, regarding to the functionality, it's pretty basic software, but it's good in doing its main job as long as you don't try to use it for recording fullscreen 3D rendering programs/games (better use FRAPS for this instead). It can record specified screen area and sound, though it has tendency to go out of sync at times, so it might be necessary to correct it in video editor afterwards.

EDIT: I found a fork, apparently from 2011 on github:

Also if someone really has to download official builds, better look into these earlier releases, and get zipped binaries instead of installers:

BTW, just compare how much smaller old installer are in comparison with latest ones. Seems like actual program is just a tiny fraction among disgusting shit bundled with it. Sad to be a witness of fall of good software. RIP CamStudio.

[Edited by Atoshi, December 07]


It saves the avi file of higher size and some time it is unable to save onto drive after stopping the recording

Negative Review by AdeebCheulkar
about CamStudio Jun 2014

I tried to capture the recording session of half an hour. It saves the avi file of higher size and some time it is unable to save onto drive after stopping the recording


Adds unwanted apps during install ..

Negative Review by limex
about CamStudio Jan 2014

... to every browser and installs a registry scanner.
Software itselve is average.
Records good but no edit of video. Use Faststone Capture für $19 does the job best.


Enormous file size

Negative Review by endolith
about CamStudio Sep 2013

I recorded a screen capture that only contained about 4 unique frames, 18 seconds long (mostly static, unchanging images), no audio, and the file size of the AVI output is 55 MB. Completely unacceptable.


This application is terrible and buggy.

Negative Review by tlangster
about CamStudio Aug 2012

I use a Windows 7 computer and I try to do Minecraft lets-plays. But whenever I try recording, at the end it goes "Failed to rename/copy the file". Never have gotten it to work.


-almost- perfect

Positive Review by Matrilwood
about CamStudio Nov 2011

Easy to use and reliable. It's a real shame that it can't draw from on machine audio and microphone at the same time, because if it could it would be perfect.
If it's usage does not require "In-game" audio being accompanied by running commentary, I'd recommend this software to anyone.