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Calibre - Powerful and Free

Positive Review by ssdirect
about calibre Oct 2013

I like Calibre. I have used it for some time now mostly on a Linux Desktop but also on WinXP systems to connect with my Kindle Touch and Kindle v4 (when I can find it) and originally with my Kindle Keyboard v3 (until it did a Humpty Dumpty). For free software it is amazing and reasonably fast. It can find and connect to a variety of devices, it can format, convert between formats, and display books for each device, it allows downloads of ebook magazines from the internet directly to your device - my current favorites are Reader Digest, PC Magazine and local newspapers .. and sync's the documents between all my eReader devices .. Yes the GUI is a little dated looking. Yes, the external internet links occassionally get out of date and can be slow to connect to, but that is no fault of Calibre. Meanwhile, it works and lets me find and read 'all that stuff' on my devices. Extensive Help documentation available in ebook download or online at .. Sweet and very recommended.



Positive Review by atjnjk
about calibre Dec 2011

I usually don't write review (too lazy) but after reading the last review, I felt that I had to write this.
Firstly, I admit that Calibre is slower than other native program (Calibre is developed mostly in python) but it is a very active project ( there is new code written almost everyday and new release every Friday). Believe me when I say that Calibre will be faster and faster (if you are curious, you could compare v0.6.x with v0.8.x: I didn't use v0.6 cause it too slow but I'm very happy using v0.8).
Secondly, there are lots of features/options (+plugins) in Calibre. Using Calibre is fun for those who like to play around with softwares and easy for new users. You can also get help/tips/guide (or whatever related to Calibre) from Calibre's website, the manual and MobileRead forum.
Lastly, after setting Calibre to my liking, I can stop worrying about book management and enjoy reading.
Calibre will not satisfy every user, but give it a try. :)



Negative Review by Combo
about calibre and All My Books, Mendeley, GCstar Dec 2011

Calibre has a lot of features, does a reasonably good job of importing metadata and book covers, but is so slow and unresponsive to the point of being quite useless. This is on a quadcore i7 4gb of ram on Ubuntu 11.10. It was slow with just a few books, but by the time I added a hundred it became practically unresponsive, and actually opening an ebook from within the software takes far too long.

It's a pity that there are few alternatives, I will try using Mendeley instead.