Bulk Rename Utility Reviews

BRU's one-screen interface beats ReNamer's interface

about Bulk Rename Utility and ReNamer · ·

I preferred this over ReNamer because everything is very visual and right in front of you. Yes, it's cluttered, but I want a good view of everything that is going to happen before it happens. With BRU, the whole process is just one window. With ReNamer, I couldn't figure out how to filter by file extension, even after playing with the filters. It just didn't work. It also wasn't clear how to view just the renamed files. BRU highlights them in in a very visible red or green.

BRU has it's issues, too, in that the RegEx includes extension only in the search and not in the replace, nor do you get indication that your regex is invalid. But BRU's one-screen interface makes it a winner for me.