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I hate Brasero

Negative Comment by Deafboy about Brasero Nov 2011

I don't remember If I've ever finished burning of some project in brasero.
Always ends with error. So many damaged CDs and angry moments.
And it's not fault of HW. It is acting like this on any PC in many different versions of Ubuntu.
I don't know if it's fault of developers, package distributors, position of planets in solar system or bad karma, but I hate Brasero.


It literally 'burns' your DVDs

Negative Comment by LauraCardinalis about Brasero May 2012

If you want to destroy as many DVDs as possible, try Brasero. It killed 10 DVDs in just two days. And this ain't a problem of the DVDs, because the same brand works flawlessly with K3B. On top of that, Brasero burns my 4x DVD+RWs at only 0.3x speed. Again, with K3B no problem. Avoid Brasero at any rate!


it 'literally' does not such thing:


Brasero NOT likely at fault for coasters but debian "fork" of cdrtools

Positive Comment by commenting about Brasero Jun 2012

debian/ubuntu users ought install ACTUAL-cdrtools and ditch the debian broken "fork" to fully benefit from the brasero front end:

Ubuntu users who are not comfortable compiling themselves are encouraged to use this PPA

One may optionally create links to old broken binaries from the current-, maintained-, functional binaries to quell issues with quarrelsome software.

Wiki*dia, "truth" by consensus, not surprisingly is not representing the issue correctly.


New score!

Negative Comment by Deafboy about Brasero Nov 2011

New score... 6 damaged (audio) CD's in 2 days


Brasero + Handbrake = Nero StartSmart for Linux.

Positive Comment by Reprotected about Brasero and Nero Burning ROM, HandBrake, Dec 2010

This thing makes Nero Linux 4 a piece of overpriced crap. It has almost every feature that Nero Linux 4 has! Combine this with Handbrake, and you got yourself a special piece of software called Nero StartSmart for Linux.


Very good, simple and easy to use burning software.

Positive Comment by mohanpram about Brasero and Ubuntu, Dec 2009

Very good, simple and easy to use burning software. It comes installed with Ubuntu and the latest version is very good.