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Comment by mandus
about Brackets · Jun 2017 ·

rich with web development based addons, makes live very easy for editing and the making of websites.


Good for static web pages

about Brackets · · 2 Helpful

This app is really good for editing static HTML pages, but not much more (at least in its current iteration). For instance, I develop in Magento in my day job and was not able to fit Brackets into my workflow at all, except once in awhile when prototyping mockups for clients. Given that it's still in beta, it's got a lot of potential. Features such as inline editing, color picker integration, live previews, and a browser-like plugin system are all innovative features that you won't find on most other editors. However, it's still missing a lot of basic features like a command to convert text to upper/lower case. I'm blown away that the app was built using just HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

A warning on memory usage: this app gobbles up memory almost as fast as Chrome. I've been editing in it for the past 30 minutes and it is already using over 120 MB of RAM (~20 MB for the main app process and ~100 MB for a background process).