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Stuck "Scanning Files"

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My university offers unlimited space on Box, and I assumed that Box Sync worked the same way as Dropbox. But unfortunately, it constantly spins without syncing claiming instead that it is "Scanning Files." I searched for this online and discovered that it is a common problem especially on Mac. Instead of scanning just the files that have changed, it rescans all of the files. So even though they claim that your space is unlimited, the number of files that you can sync is limited the time that they take to scan. You can choose to upload the files via FTP or web browser and then choose not to sync them at all (so that they don't need to be constantly rescanned). But that's not a replacement for Dropbox at all, and its not really as useful.


Good functionality - bad customer policy

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My company has been using box for half a year, and we are happy with the functionallity of the product. Commenting, sharing, syncing, updating: These are easy to use functions, and we soon decided to buy a business subscription.

But it turned out that the subscription is hard to handle and confusing to understand. When ordering, box counts all connected users. And because we had already initiated contact (i.e. shared folders) wiith some external clients, they too counted as "seats", and had to be paid for. However, increasing internal and external users after the initial order did not affect subscription or billing, event though we shortly after had used (quote) "25 of 7 seats".

Some months later, I found that it was time to do some evaluation, and concluded that I only needed a handful (4) subscriptions. The rest could be short-term collaborators (clients, temps etc) that could go along without the enhanced functionality of the business user. But box refused to reduce our seat count until we removed all connected personal users from our folders, and even then the process took weeks to complete.