BOINC Reviews

Works great on a Mac

Positive Review by edenw
about BOINC May 2017

I just wanted to give an update and say that BOINC is wonderful on a Mac. I'm not as interested in the "screen saver" effects, although they are quite interesting now. I'm just glad that i'm help[ing to solve real world problems with almost zero cost (yes, a little more electricity). BOINC has come a long way since it's "Beta" days.


Great idea, buggy client.

Review by DiskCrasher
about BOINC Mar 2014

The concept of using idle CPU time to do something productive is admirable, but this software is Beta at best. Screen saver stopped working correctly two versions ago and they still haven't fixed it. Trying to get it up and running on Linux is a considerable challenge. That's unfortunate when there's so much potential here.