Blur Reviews

Unique, reliable, and fast

Positive Review by jan_park
about Blur and 1Password, LastPass May 2015

After 6 months of successful testings in both Chrome and iPhone App, I can honestly say: Blur saved me from lots of spam and unnecessary headaches.

Remarkable Features:
- Block web/ad trackers
- Mask emails, phone numbers, and credit cards
- Saves your password and usernames.

- Blazing fast
- Easy to use and simple to edit and create new masks
- Always there for you

- Occasional bugs on chrome extension
- Good pop-ups but sometimes annoying (appear when you don't want)
- Does not work on every website

Compared to others:
Works perfectly well along with 1Password (paid) or Lastpass (freemium)
It cannot be compared or replaced by these two as the apps have unique features that are different and worth paying for a few dollars.

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