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nope- I don't recommend it

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This one requires you to install an app to use it... I assume they get ad revenue from it and don't have an issue with the concept. Bandwidth, hosting, development aren't free and if I am not giving them cash, I am ok with installing the occasional app to support them. Unfortunately it only worked for a while, then it asked me to install another app. After installing that one and the next 4 prompts I still wasn't back to being able to use BlueStacks. I'm OK with requests that will provide them with income, but I'm not ok with spending an hour installing things I have no interest in and still not having access to the program.


Review About Bluestacks

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Using the software is very great it helps a lot of times when to do a lot of things.
Bluestacks can run most games and apps but not the rooted apps and games , he takes a a little of space in the ram but he keeps running very well , i think that Bluestacks is getting better every time , the only problem is to download an app to keep using it or to buy it for a limited time.

Bluestacks is Great 18/20