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worst 3d editing software -4 Helpful

Negative Review by tvgoing1
about Blender Mar 2015

i have tried blender in the past (2012) i stopped using it when i couldn't do any of the basic things like turning, creating items, and adding texture. now in the year 2015 i try it once again and still count rotate, add texture and creating items don't stick together. no one is willing to improve this software, its the same old system with the some old hotkey problems.


Blender should be used by more professionals. 1 Helpful

Positive Review by Slulego
about Blender Dec 2014

Blender has really grown over the years and improved increasingly in usability and functionality. It can be used for so many more projects than just 3D modeling and animation. It has painting, scripting, and even interactive simulations (Blender game). This software conquers all in it's league. In earlier versions the learning curve was fairly steep, but it has changed since then after they began to focus on new users. Ultimately, once keyboard shortcuts and dropdown menus are discovered, this free, small download and multiplatform tool makes it one of greatest open source accomplishments of it's time.