BleachBit Reviews

Great Software

Positive Review by jesusmalverde
about BleachBit Jan 2017

It's what Hillary used to cover her tracks effectively.


Find things other programs don't

Positive Review by wojosc
about BleachBit Dec 2016

Bleachbit is able to go very deep and will delete a lot of things you wouldn't even know your computer keeps. I have never encountered any situation in which data has been deleted I didn't want it to. It does not break your registry or similar. It has also solved problems when not being able so install certain software.
A second feature besides just cleaning your system is that you are able to "shread with bleachbit" which will delete files and its digital footprint on your hard drive by changing its name and then deleting again. I recommend it to all my customers and friends.


ERRORS -2 Helpful

Positive Review by igenn
about BleachBit and AVG PC TuneUp Dec 2015
  • To turn off the annoying useless Error-reminder window -> upgrade to beta 1.9.3.

  • Missing a one click solution to "CleanOnStart_Function".

Otherwise the program is very efficient! (found 2gb of junk on win partition /AvgPcTuneUp could not/)

[Edited by igenn, December 22]