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The software Hilary Clinton allegedly used to delete those emails.

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Open source app Bleachbit is works wonders for removing all kinds of residual files and other traces of activity on your Windows or Linux computer. It is therefore a privacy- and security-enhancing tool. Security researcher Bruce Schneier, who handled some of the leaked Snowden files, has used Bleachbit (amongst other things) to keep his computer clean and secure against NSA spying.

Bleachbit is also allegedly the app Hillary Clinton (or her staff) used to erase those infamous emails. Hillariously (pun partially intended), during one of the 2016 US presidential debates, Donald Trump accused Hillary Clinton of "bleaching" her emails, calling it "a very expensive process".

Rest assured that Trump made that up: Bleachbit is open source, free, and costs nothing to use. Oh, and also you don't have to pay for it.
(Except perhaps that its use might attract misleading statements from Donald Trump.)


Alternative to CCleaner on windows

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Use this on GNU/Linux OSs it cleans up the dust i leave behind.