blackVPN Reviews

First time using VPN

Positive Review by Maxiplexi
about blackVPN Apr 2017

I chose this VPN after going through ThatOnePrivacyGuy's list on reddit.

- Support team is helpful and quick to respond
- Good selection of VPN servers to connect to depending on needs
- Easy to use client

- You most likely will see a (slight~noticeable) speed reduction, as with all other VPNs
- Tends to be slightly pricier than other services, but nothing extravagant


Great and easy to use VPN service

Positive Review by nikopat
about blackVPN Mar 2017

Really like this VPN service after trying a few ones in the past that have been quite disappointing.

Crystal clear instructions, reactive and quality support, easy to use VPN client app, good performances.

Registered for one month just to try it out, definitely going to renew for longer!


Simple to ues VPN service

Positive Review by jokehunter
about blackVPN Jan 2017

Been using BlackVPN for around a month.

- easy to use onlinux, just set up VPN connection and import predefined vpn configs.
- works with US & UK tv services, incl. net flixs.
- Works in Linux

- a bit pricey.


Great VPN Service

Positive Review by MDavis
about blackVPN Jan 2017

I have a been an user of this VPN for about a month and it has met all my expectations:

+Great speeds
+Consistent connection
+Easy to configure with OpenVPN
+Good variety of server locations to choose from
+No logging

I can't comment on their customer support as I've had no reason to contact them. Their pricing at first glance was little bit higher than some competitors, but there are a few options you can deselect which I had no need of which brought the cost down.

I have been very happy with this service so far and has been much more consistent than my previous VPN provider.


This is a very good VPN for general use

Positive Review by gshimansky
about blackVPN Jan 2017

I've been using BlackVPN for about a month.

- It is very stable, I never had an outage.
- It has multiple countries to select from.
- Throughoutput speed is good, I get full 70 Mbit/s that my ISP provides.
- I chose BlackVPN because it is one of the best regarding to keeping the privacy according to
- Allows paying with bitcoins.
- Works in Linux out of the box.

- Price is quite high compared to other services.
- It doesn't have any open ports so torrents are behind a NAT.


Perfect VPN solution

Positive Review by Templaar
about blackVPN Oct 2016

Fast and stable. Initial configuration took only few minutes. I am very satisfied with it and would recommend it to anyone who need simple and powerful VPN solution.


Absolutely incredible Service and use.

Positive Review by ryanlassler
about blackVPN Jun 2016

Absolutely Love it! Simple set up, Always connects, no Issues and Incredible moral/ privacy ethics.

Thank you so Much!


Very good VPN service!

Positive Review by fastbiz
about blackVPN May 2016

Imo one of the best VPN's out there, if not THE best.
Lot of servers, no logging, multi-platform support built with own apps - I love it!



The best VPN service and server

Positive Review by aleksivanov
about blackVPN Apr 2016

Very good service and server it is reality fast service, and the safest


Black vpn

Positive Review by robinraymathers
about blackVPN Apr 2016

An amazing service to keep big brother out of your computer. I recommend this to everyone. I've only had out a month and I'm definitely renewing.



Review by gentilepaglia
about blackVPN Mar 2016

It's a great job they're doing at BlackVPN and your support staff too is simply fantastic. I couldn't ask for anything more. Well done.


It just works! What else do you need?

Positive Review by arnoldkrumins
about blackVPN Dec 2015

Been with BlackVPN now for a few years now and I can honestly say I have never had any connectivity issues. As i'm a regular user, that's pretty amazing! The software is also easy to install on both Macs, iPhone and iPad. Occasionally I have had a drop in image quality when viewing something, but it always recovers. Keep up the good work.

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Great Service

Positive Review by Faber
about blackVPN Dec 2015

In short, BlackVPN the best VPN provider on the market...

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BlackVPN: simply the best!

Positive Review by Chrisdelux
about blackVPN Nov 2015

I am using blackVPN for more than 3 years now. Easy to set-up, I never encoutered any problem. Plus, they always added new features without asking for extra. I'm using it everyday for long time connection, switching from one server to another. I DO recommend it!