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Great for doing initial roughs, but beware

Review by EtherealAshe
about Black Ink Jan 2017

I like using it for creating initial roughs for characters and environments, mostly due to the unique brushes it offers and how fast it is. I've been looking for a true alternative to it, but there none that come close to what this software does.

Despite that though, I would only recommend this software if you liked the trial and have money to burn. The last update for it was in the fall of 2015, with the developers being relatively silent throughout 2016. The text of the UI is blurry if you have high resolution screens and it sometimes the panels bug out if you use multiple monitors. Some of the tools and extra things, like the controllers, are not user friendly. And these are things that they know, and have acknowledged, but haven't fixed.

The developers do actually post things to the forums about what they are working on currently (looks like a new brush engine for smearing) so I don't think it is dead. So I more suggest you wait and see in the coming year before you decide to actually pay for it.


Appears abandoned.

Negative Review by YDoIAlwaysNeedAUsername
about Black Ink Jan 2017

The most recent update was in September 2015, version 0.249. I'd avoid it.

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