BitDefender Antivirus Plus Reviews

No linux version

According to the website there should be a Linux version, but there is not


Awful product, performance wise and graphically

Having used various other antivirus software I gave this one a go. At one point it was a decent midweight product. Then they decided to 'upgrade' it and the UI turned into a complete mess. The install failed, requring a complete uninstall and reinstall. And the performance on low spec hardware was quite noticeable. So switched to Avira and MSE as light weight alternatives.

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I agree, Just after requesting a refund after buying a 2 years subscription. It constantly Crashed/Froze Windows. Only have it installed 3 days and could not handle it anymore. Had no problems when I had used other antivirus software such as ESET, Avast, Norton or AVG. Bitdefender is horrible.
I have no idea, no idea in hell how it's ranked "Number 1" on other review websites, thats weird