Big Cup Cricket Reviews

Pros and Cons

Review by RobertKessinger
about Big Cup Cricket Feb 2017

What I really love about app is that the rivals have differing levels of aptitude to keep the enthusiasm going and there is something of a profession mode with three levels of knockout competitions and accomplishments to win. The activity is fun and purposely essential and the diversion is sufficiently charming to hold you returning for additional. What I do not get and can't stand is the bowling alley. Really, just have a look at time and exertion you can hit the ball well and bowl in the correct place as a rule, but time after time similar activities have differing comes about. Maybe most disappointing is the expertise level of the top rivals, for example, Britain and India, who can despatch almost every ball for four or six, making it about difficult to beat them or have an important amusement. However there are many many other advantages and disadvantages but if I start writing it here, I will [write my essay]( ) and you will get bored reading it.