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Good at directory comparisons, but sucks at certain file comparisons

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When it comes to comparing CSV files, BC is utterly wrong - the same CSV but with the date format changed from YYYY-MM-DD to M/D/YYYY is marked as completely different, even though there are matching unique IDs on each line.

Here's the bug thread:

CompareIt and Smart Synchronize deal with this well.

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Extremely good.
It supports Japanese, French and German as well as English. And a lot of platform (I'm happy to use it on Windows XP).
User Interface is sophisticated and easy to use.
Comparison results are easily comprehend.
I change to this from WinMerge which I have used for a long time,


One of the best Compare and Merge tools around

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I've used Beyond Compare extensively for years (since previous versions). I am always pleasantly surprised how well it works. For example its support for comparing the contents of Zip and 7zip files is great! I'll often use it instead of a dedicated compression tool to update the contents of a compressed folder.

It does a great job at the basic comparison and merging operations, but I love the extra features like the ability to compare to a FTP server. This is great when I am migrating a web app between servers or updating it from a local staging instance.

I've used other tools prior to Beyond Compare, and occasionally on the recommendation of someone else, but always find Beyond Compare to be the best tool for the job.



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Way to overrated, sure it's packed with features, but all of them are clumsy & buggy.
The layout & ease)of)use is a mess, the interface is a mess & it flay files as equal when they're not, and does the exact same opposite for unequal files.

Instead of adding 95% unneeded crap, why don't they make sure the base features are bugfree.
& please do something to that interface. Even the free & abandoned WinMerge is still miles ahead of this expensive bugfest.

I haven't founded it buggy at all and I use it extensively on both Windows and Mac. In fact I found it more reliable on Mac under Wine then DiffMerge.


Good application, but footprint and temporary file handling unacceptable...

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I agree with edrandall, however I gave it more then a 60 second test. I had two non-system 750GB drives with similar contents (both around 400GB used of various contents: ISO, videos, zips, etc). I ran the CRC compare of the two drives and left it overnight. Next morning when I came to work I found my C:\ drive (system) filled up with BC3* tmp files totaling 150GB and system almost unusable, not to mention Beyond Compare did finish with bunch of "stream read/write errors".

After above happened, I looked in the application options to change temporary folder location or any settings but those simply did not exist.

I'm continuing to search for other folder comparison tools with small footprint similarly good UI and ability to tweak temp folder use so that it doesn't negatively impact system performance.

Sounds like you may have had some hardware issues there. I've used BeyondCompare to recover files from failing files before and it works great. The only time I run into problems is when the hardware is just too far gone or the file system is too corrupt. In fact when I am having trouble copying files with windows then I run Beyond Compare instead - it is a lot more persistent. One tip if you are working with system files then run Beyond Compare as administrator.