BetterTouchTool Reviews

Great, unobtrusive tool

Positive Review by retroleum
about BetterTouchTool and Moom Apr 2013

I echo what the previous reviewer said! I was testing out a free trial of Moom when I came upon BetterTouchTool and instantly replaced the $10 Moom.

Here are bullet points of win:

  • Window snapping has worked perfectly, and outside of apps with non-resizable windows (e.g. System Preferences), I haven't found an app it doesn't work with (haven't tried more specialized apps like XCode, though).

  • The ability to set custom trackpad gestures with modifier keys is great! I have Shift + Fn + 2-finger swipes in each direction to snap the active window to that side of the screen. Don't even have to go through all the trouble of clicking and dragging :). You can also set gestures to custom key combos, which makes for interesting possibilities in apps like Photoshop.

  • There are a LOT of customizable features with this app. Makes for kind of a messy settings interface, but I will take functionality over slightly more complex settings.

Really not too much else to say about this app. It does what it says (and then some) and does it well! The developer did an awesome job.


I could not imagine using my trackpad without it

Positive Review by Jynto
about BetterTouchTool Apr 2012

And for that it is simply brilliant. Very, very customizable. You can set any gesture to anything. It even allows gestures to trigger keyboard shortcuts. Gestures can either be global or application-specific. Some of the things I use it for:

*Three finger click for middle-click (global)
*Three finger swipe up/down to go to top/bottom of page (filling in a missing system function)
*Three finger swipe left/right for undo/redo in Photoshop
*Corner click to hide/show additional toolbars (reduces screen clutter by showing them only when needed)
*Three finger click+swipe down to close the current tab or window (with shortcut cmd-w)
*Three finger click+swipe left/right to change tabs in browser (with shortcuts ctrl-tab and ctrl-shift-tab)

It even does a lot of the stuff BetterSnapTool does. It runs in the background unobtrusively.

Oh, and it's free. It was made by a student in his free time, and it is AWESOME!