Belvedere Reviews

Bugs and no support

Negative Review by RobertL87
about Belvedere and Hygeia, Hazel Jan 2016

This is a handy program, but contains lots of bugs and isn't updated anymore. Good alternatives (that do the same things) are Hygeia (Windows) and Hazel (Mac).


Has a ton of problems!

Negative Review by Flook
about Belvedere Feb 2015

I've used Belvedere like crazy for a long time and could not recommend it to people. So many bugs....I mean so many. It's kinda nuts how many issues the program has and it almost never works how it is supposed to.

I really wish there were more windows alternatives.


Great Concept -- Can Only Get Better

Positive Review by iTim
about Belvedere Jan 2012

Has some great basic functions like moving and deleting files as well as managing your recycle bin. I'd like to see some new features like, searching the contents of documents and allowing me to leave documents in their current location, but creating a shortcut somewhere else.

I've noticed the program crashes quite a bit, but nothing restarting the program doesn't usually fix.