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  • DropIt icon


    When you need to organize files, DropIt can eliminate much of the drudgery of searching and manually opening folders and moving files...

    Open Source Windows

  • Hazel icon


    Sometimes Newtons Law of Inertia is just as applicable to the digital world as to the physical. All too often our files sit around...

    Commercial Mac

  • Delage32 icon


    DelAge32 is a very easy to use command line tool that deletes or moves files by age (number of days). This is very useful, if You use...

    Free Windows

  • Cyber-D's AutoDelete icon

    Cyber-D's AutoDelete

    Cyber-D's Autodelete can delete old files in a folder (and subfolders) you selected. Simply select the folder you wish to clean...

    Free Windows

  • Hygeia icon


    Hygeia is an intelligent, versatile product that makes your digital life easier by helping you to automate your everyday processes and...

    Free Personal Windows

  • Cuttlefish icon


    Cuttlefish allows you to create events that only happen under certain circumstances. For example, I like to keep my audio muted as...

    Open Source Linux

  • File Juggler icon

    File Juggler

    File Juggler is a Windows utility for automatic file management. Set up rules and have filejuggler move your files to their correct...

    Commercial Windows

  • Maid

    Be lazy. Let Maid clean up after you, based on rules you define. For the most up to date information, please see...

    Open Source Mac Linux

  • Drop Zone icon

    Drop Zone

    Create simple drag-n-drop windows to quickly copy or move files. After dropping files or folders onto a Drop Zone window, a menu of...

    Free Windows

  • EraseTemp icon


    EraseTemp will delete all those temporary files, that take up so much space on your PC. EraseTemp is also very useful, if you use a...

    Free Windows

  • Download Mover icon

    Download Mover Discontinued

    Tool to check directories in regular intervals for new files and move specific files to another folder.

    Free Windows

  • Limagito FileMover icon

    Limagito FileMover

    Limagito file mover software is used for automatic moving of files. This filemover automation tool can move, delete or copy files that...

    Freemium Windows

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  • Redirect File Organizer icon

    Redirect File Organizer

    Redirect File Organizer finally offers a way to automatically organise your files. The concept is simple, you create a...

    Freemium Android

  • Robobasket icon


    # Automatically sort files according to rules that you set up. # Set up schedules for processing files. # Constantly monitor...

    Commercial Windows

  • Intelligent Copier icon

    Intelligent Copier

    Intelligent Copier is an automatic file mover and copier. It offers a window that you can drag files onto, and will then copy or move...

    Free Windows

  • MoveOut icon


    MoveOut will help you make rules to move files automatically. Use it to make a rule that moves files from the desktop to a subfolder...

    Free Windows

  • Digital Janitor icon

    Digital Janitor

    Digital Janitor is an application specialized in sorting files. To use it, you have to insert the rules on which the sort will be...

    Free Windows

  • LoadStar icon


    LoadStar is an innovative interactive file mover for Windows that helps you organize your downloads.

    Free Windows

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  • inbetweenbox icon


    inbetweenbox sits in between your organized file system and the files that you get sent and download everyday. Import these files...

    Commercial Mac

Belvedere Comments


Negative Comment by Hexaae
about Belvedere May 2016

Very old. Not working well on Windows 10: stuck with a "ERRO" folder to watch and can't add new ones.



Comment by snakyjake3
about Belvedere Nov 2014

Wish it would move the whole folder, but this is just for files.


Save settings

Comment by RobertL87
about Belvedere Mar 2014

Great tool with nice and easy options.

There are two common errors (with an easy solution):

If you see an error saying "Subject does not have a match"
or your settings can't be saved
then open Belvedere with administrator privileges and those problems might be solved.

These problems might appear in Windows 8.

Unfortunately it doesn't fix the first problem with my laptop.


Belvedere would be perfect, if it could distinguish file-si ...

Comment by em4020
about Belvedere Jun 2011

Belvedere would be perfect, if it could distinguish file-size and folder-size for deletion of backup-files
I make backups with Macrium Reflect Free Edition (1), which cannot cleanup the backup files automatically.
So I used DelAge32 (2) for this purpose. DelAge32 can only delete files older than xx days. But I would prefer to delete backup-files older than xx days, only if the backup-folder has a size greater than xxx GB. I hoped, that Belvedere can afford this, but unfortunately it does not. You can only delete files with age older than xxx days or weeks and with FILE-SIZE greater than xxx MB. You cannot specify a FOLDER-SIZE-limit of the folder, in which the backup-files are stored.
(1) Small Macrium Reflect iconMacrium Reflect
(2) Small Delage32 iconDelage32