BazQux Reader Reviews

Closest to Google Reader experience you can get

Positive Review by sgdread
about BazQux Reader and The Old Reader, NewsBlur, Feedly Jan 2016

I started to use this app since Google Reader decommission. There was plenty options: Feedly, NewsBlur, The Old Reader - all good services, but nothing close to ye olde Google Reader. And then I found this one - using daily since then and absolutely love it. It just works. Currently on lifetime subscription plan, but definately going to donate to keep the project alive.
App can consume RSS, Atom feeds. Also you can just dump website url - in most cases it recognizes most popular blogging platforms and automatically picks up the content as well as comments.


Great RSS Reader

Positive Review by timdixon
about BazQux Reader Jul 2014

I have been using Bazqux for a year and find it to be ultra stable and packed with features.

I highly recommend it!