Baidu Browser Reviews

Mal Behaviour

Negative Review by Erqo
about Baidu Browser Oct 2016

Baidu Spark has always been a bit doubtful when it comes to security.
But leaving traces on each and every folder that you visit on your harddrive, while using the program, is, if not malware-behaviour, unacceptible.

These files go with the name of 'pluginbarseq.json'.
The contents, in a text editor are like this:

This is like examing your harddrive, and without letting you know they do.

So despite of the fact that Baidu Spark is quite fast, nice and easy to use, I'd like to find some explanation here before considering using this browser once again.

Update :
Also the browser creates (and re-creates) some folders with contents in your documents folders, which of course, is obtrusive and unacceptable as well.
Documents are private and no program should interfere without your consent.