exactly what I was looking for

Positive Review by travemassivhaus
about Aug 2016

i thought finding a picture dictionary would be easy ...yet 99% of my finding were disappointing.
the need to sign up, the lack of languages and a very subjective interpretation of what is usefull renderd most visual dictionaries useless.

BABADADA doesn't ask me for an account, had the most languages I could find anywhere and the clean graphics made is printable.


serioursly the easiest to use visual dictionary

Positive Review by kvhhcom
about Apr 2016

I searched and google just spilled up pages that require me to sign up, pay money or take courses.
This is a visual dictionary. Nothing more and nothing less and it saved a good part of my travels because it just works for languages google doesnt even support.

[Edited by kvhhcom, April 22]